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Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars
Brawl Stars



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    August 27, 2021

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    Supercell Oy

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    August 28, 2021

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    Supercell Oy




If you love to play third-person shooter games, and where you can play with your friends on the battlefield, Brawl Stars is the game for you. Brawl Stars is a free battle arena game that you can play online on your mobile and your PC. The game was developed by Supercell, and you will get many fun modes in the gameplay. Once you start to complete the tasks you will win boxes and trophies. You have to open the boxes to earn more power points and coins and get more strength for the brawlers. If you are excited by the overview of this game, you can know about How to play this game with better tips and tricks. In this article, we have explained the easy gameplay description for you, so you can win the levels easily in this third-person hero shooter and multiplayer battle arena game.

You will get the three items in the game, coins, start points, and gems. Coins are deep yellow, star points are pink and the gems are green. You will find these items in the upper right section of the mobile screen. You will rarely get the free gems, and you can buy gold or other things with real money from the store. You can use your star points to buy the rare items, but these are mostly used to purchase the latest skins for brawlers. While playing the game, you will find coins as the most common thing, you can use these to upgrade and customize the brawlers. In addition, you will earn trophies when you win one battle. 

Brawlers are your heroes in this game, and every one of them is equipped with unique abilities. The first thing you have to know about the capabilities of the brawlers, and their weaknesses too. After knowing the brawlers, you can unlock new ones to get more rewards. You can also purchase them from the store, using the green gems. Each brawler has a different level, and when you use them repeatedly, your fighters will become stronger. Also, when you start to win trophies, you can unlock more brawlers. 

Brawl Stars is a fun game to play when you are feeling bored or adventurous, and it will teach you skills and you will get better experiences once you start to play it. It has some of the perfect features that make the learning of this game useful and you can play this addictive third-person hero shooter and multiplayer battle arena game as long as you want. Let's look at the best features here:

● You will get designed maps that you become challenging to overcome

● Customize your brawlers with different skins

● Start your own club or join others to share battle and tips

● You can climb to the leaderboards of the local and global ranking

● You can fight with friends or alone

● You will get new game modes and events every day

● Unlock new brawlers once you start to win the trophies

● This is a multiplayer game that will allow you to play on your mobile

● You can team up against others from around the world. 

Sharp movements are the best tactics in this game. From the first step in this game, you have to master the zig-zag moves. If you are first time playing for the game, you might be enticed by the straight lines, this makes the targets easy, but when you alter your path, your rivals will be super confused about your moves. So, you need to move constantly. 

In the next step, you have to take care of the positioning of your brawlers. You will get walls and bushes on the map, and you need to take advantage of that. You can hide behind the bushes or the walls, and when your opponent is firing, you can hide behind the bushes, and this way you can change your path, and appear from the opposite direction. This way your rivals will be highly confused. You can also use the wall to hide from the bullets. 

Lastly, you have to make a decision, and here you will have to know the attacking times and if you need to retreat. You can track your health on this, and you must attack when you have a good amount of health to spare. You have to wait for your opportunity and attack the rivals when they are weak. 

Brawl Stars is a free game, you have to pay nothing and play this third-person hero shooter and multiplayer battle arena game. You will get updates like Otis the new brawler, hunters are the new game mode, play in the club games and with more quests from the club, choose brawlers for power battles, quality of life improved, the map is refreshed, bug fixes, and many more. 

How to play

Once you go through the Description of this third-person hero shooter and multiplayer battle arena game, you must know the gaming structure. This is a third-person hero shooter and multiplayer battle arena gameplay, and you need some tips that will help you make better plans and win battles with perfect skills. To understand the game, you have to follow the techniques. 

Check out the step-by-step rules to play and have the best fun with the Brawl Stars game.

Step 1:To start the game, you need to select your brawler in the game mode you have selected. If your warrior has less than four hundred trophies, each will give you ten trophies. However, you have to focus on getting better brawlers. 

Step 2:You can play a bad game on one level, but do not worry. You can use the help of a friend who will assist you to get trophies. Also, when you unlock new brawlers, you can try having limited trophies; this is because you have to understand the power of the fighter. 

Step 3:You can train and practice with the brawlers, and try the unlock fighters in the training arena. You have to learn when to jump into action and when to retreat. You can follow the map to hide and duck when your rivals attack you. You must know about the weaknesses and strengths of your brawlers, and this will help you a lot on the battlefield. 

Step 4:You need to make good efforts to aim against your enemies. If you fail to make the right aim, your rivals will escape, or gain a better advantage. You need to take your time to make the aims and wait for the perfect opportunity to shoot. 

Step 5:Use the community and competitive maps to win your trophies. You have to take advantage of the map to be the winner in the game. 

Brawl Stars is a game for third-person hero shooters and multiplayer battle arena game lovers. You will get no difficult instructions or rules in this game; you just have to fight with your brawlers in the battles, use your skills, and win the levels to get more rewards. The game is fun and very addictive once you start to play and pay attention to the instructions. You can come up with new tricks while playing it, and it will help you win it. You will get more insights, and you will become wiser with every step. You will get updates like Otis the new brawler, hunters are the new game mode, play in the club games and with more quests from the club, choose brawlers for power battles, quality of life improved, the map is refreshed, bug fixes, and many more.

So, why get bored in your free time, when you can play this third-person hero shooter and multiplayer battle arena game? If you like third-person hero shooter and multiplayer battle arena games, you must take up this easy and fun game, and play it in your free time and explore more. You can play it on your mobile, and you will love the thrill of fighting against shooting enemies and winning matches. Also, it's important to note that, you can share your gaming experience by adding your thoughts in the below box of comments. It will help other third-person hero shooters and multiplayer battle arena game enthusiasts to play it and provide their opinions and feedback about this addictive game. Help us create a better community for the Brawl Stars game, and assist others.


Reviews (5)

  • Ethan 10 Oct,2022
    It’s really good for kids because they can play with kids and to to each other on a club So I will say ten out of ten
  • Byronsnell 1 Jul,2022
    I like this game
  • szalony zgonek69 20 May,2022
    i love this game. this game is my all world
  • Bobert 22 Mar,2022
    It is sooooooooooo fun I play it almost every day.

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