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Don't Starve: Pocket Edition

Don't Starve: Pocket Edition
Don't Starve: Pocket Edition



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    Mar 1, 2022

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    Klei Entertainment Inc.

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    May 27, 2022

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  • Developer:

    Klei Entertainment Inc.




Don't Starve: Pocket Edition is a thrilling survival video game set in a mysterious wasteland. Your goal is to prove to the demons that you can endure the hardships. As the name suggests, starving is the least of your problems. The game was created in 2013 by Klei Entertainment, a Canadian entertainment company. It's now available for the console, PC, mobile, and other cross platforms. 

Don't Starve allows you to play as a character plugged into mind-blowing surprises. Your goal is to help Wilson, a scientist who takes expeditions in a new land. After getting lost in the wild, there seems to be no way out. He's faced with food shortages and extreme weather conditions. What can you do to help him find his way out? 

Challenge yourself Since the conditions are harsh, you can get down at any moment. But you must keep Wilson in stable mental health to survive. To do this, you should look for food and water and keep his body warm. 

The environment of the game is a bit harsh. You may not realize it until the food is depleted. If this happens, you'll realize the dangers you face. As the monsters try to bring Wilson down, you have to bring him home. Another enemy you must face is the darkness - you don't know what it brings. To avoid the dangers, you should gather some firewood. Since the monsters appear at night, you can run away from them. 

The weapons will protect your health, while the flames will help you recognize the hazards as they approach. 

 The boss This is a special character that is almost impossible to escape. When you face the boss, you must look for tactics to survive. To fight the monsters with ease, you need armor. Also, you must craft the right weapon to defeat the boss. This is what makes the Don't starve: Pocket Edition an action-packed game. 

Adventure mode Since most of the game is played in adventure mode, you can learn a few things from the past. This is a problematic level since your enemies keep increasing. 

Key features

Uncompromising survival

You start with nothing, craft, research, and fight to survive. 

Optimized for touch

The intuitive interface allows you to fight and manage inventory with ease. Also, the sleek controls will make traveling and harvesting simple. Since the game requires a balance of hunger and wealth, you must craft traps, weapons, and machines. 

Random worlds

You can breathe a new world and generate a new living. 

Dark visuals The characters are in a unique 3D world.

Gold and coins

The science machine lets you build interesting stuff while on the road. This requires that you find some gold nuggets or coins. Now, you can craft handy items like a shovel or a bag pack. 

Don't Starve: Pocket Edition Strategies

Gather resources first

Apart from food and water, you should mine rocks as early as possible. You need a fire pit to make your life easier. 

Find your home base If you have to take trips now and then, you should find a place for your home base (you can have two). One can be near Elk-like animals or the Pig Village. But again, you don't have to spend a lot of time on it. You can always find a better spot after you explore the surroundings. 

Build weapons and Armo You must be ready to face the dangers. Research your weapons and armor when you don't have an option to run. 

Cook your food Cooked food will give you a better chance to survive. And don't carry too much to avoid going bad. Learn how to get more food and protect them from rabbits and birds. 

How to play

You can play the game in survival, wilderness, or endless mode. 

 Survival mode It requires teamwork and cooperation from the rest of the modes. If you die, you have 120 seconds to revive yourself. If you take no action, the world resets. 

Wilderness mode You should search for random locations. If a character dies, the progress is wiped. In this mode, there's no resurrection, and the world never resets. 

Endless mode It mimics the survival mode, except that the world never resets. You can resurrect as many times as you want. 

How to defeat your enemies

Set up a base If you don't get it right the first day, you may not see day two. You must ensure you're tooled up and well-fed. Pick up enough firewood, twigs, and samplings to make a campfire. Also, take note of the best place to camp. When dusk hits, you should keep the camp lit with fire. You can still explore the night but make sure you have a torch. 

Run until the enemies give up

In the first week, you may not have the weapons or armor to fight back. You don't want to punch a beehive or camp close by a spider's nest. It can also be a big mistake to camp close to the pig monster. Such enemies are mighty, and you can hardly defeat them. Unless you're trained in combat, the tentacles will come and kill you. So keep running until your enemies give up. 

Cooking food To cook food, drag a carrot to the campfire. You want to squeeze in as many hunger points as possible in the first few days. Even the berries yanked from the bushes can satisfy your hunger. Only eat when hungry and never carry too much. Keep in mind that the hunger machine will always be on your screen. 

You're not going to live forever because your pockets are filled. The last thing you want is to search for more berries when you're about to die. 

Identify the biomes

The Don't Starve land has different territories - deserts, grasslands, forests, and swamps. You should get a handle on what items are found there, especially when you're low on specific resources. 

Avoid eating weird things

No matter how hungry you are, you should keep everything natural. Some mushrooms can harm your health. Unless you understand the pros and cons of specific foods, you should stick to berries and carrots. 

Tips on how to play

Take flights, no fights

You don't have the amour and weapons in the first week, so never fight back. 

Watch the forest fires

Be careful with campfire placement and torches.

While you may want to settle with base operations for the first week, this is not a good idea. You should find interesting places on the land. If you see a dead survivalist, you can borrow his stuff. 

Never eat monster meat

While it can help you regain energy, you could ruin your health in the process. 

Chop the trees that have already grown

This allows you to gain more wood.

Don't Starve: Pocket Edition has tons of mysteries to uncover and will keep you enthralled. What do you think about the game? You're free to share your experience in the comment section below. 


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