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Pokken Tournament DX

Pokken Tournament DX
Pokken Tournament DX



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    September 22, 2017

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Become the Ultimate PokeMaster in Pokken Tournament DX!

Since its initial release by Bandai Namco Entertainment in July 2015, Pokken Tournament has created a wave of dedicated players from Pokemon and Tekken. This fantastic mix of the monster-catching aspect of Pokemon combined with Tekken's action-packed fighting gameplay. Pokken Tournament DX was made available for Nintendo Switch in September 2017.

The game alternates between "Field Phase," where in the Pokemon are free to move in the battle arena, and "Duel Phase," where the characters can react and fight each other, comparable to Tekken. Pokken Tournament pits two characters against one another while using a variety of Pokemon characters. The arcade variant is playable with console-type controllers that are created to make it easier for gamers who aren't accustomed to arcade controllers to get hooked on the game. This mode contrasts with other arcade action games, which utilize a typical controller and buttons.

Pokemon combat game Pokken Tournament DX is available only for the Nintendo Switch. You can share a Joy-Con and enjoy duking it out at any moment with your buddies with just one Nintendo Switch. Additionally, you may bring Nintendo Switch systems near one another for local combat.

Pokken Tournament DX contains all the elements of the game's Wii U and arcade versions and several brand-new ones. In addition to the Pokemon that have been introduced to the arcade edition, like Decidueye, will also show up to fight other Pokemons. There will be around twenty other participating Pokemon, all with tons of character through the combat.

Most who have already played the original Pokken Tournament will love the new combat mode on the Nintendo Switch thanks to Pokken Tournament DX's many notable unique updates, which come with new attack styles. Additionally, players could only use certain Pokemon in the Wii U edition after you level up in the game; however, in Pokken Tournament DX, all Pokemon is accessible right away.

Pokken Tournament DX includes numerous game modes, including multiplayer online matches against players from around the globe, the Ferrum League, narrative-style gameplay that you can advance across the levels, train, and let you practice unlimited times. The feature My Town is available so you can personalize your in-game characters.

Even with only one participant with Ferrum League getting a significant update, it's fun. You can now complete missions in the sequence of your choice using a new task panel interface. To succeed, you must battle demanding CPU-controlled masters and their Pokemon.

In Ferrum League, you may earn different incentives, such as Avatar goods, as you complete tasks.

Continue up the Ferrum League ladder to meet the formidable Shadow Mewtwo! You can train in Practice Mode to sharpen your abilities using comfortable settings. You will learn new skills, battle-specific Pokemon, and so much more.

How to play

Those who don't typically enjoy this type of gameplay may enjoy the Pokken Tournament DX since it is so simple to understand. Select your preferred Pokemon and manage it as you had planned. As your Synergy Gauge gets full, you can activate your Synergy Burst. Your Pokemon significantly boosts capability when you use your Synergy Burst! Your strength and defenses momentarily increase, and a little amount of HP regeneration occurs.

You can deploy your Burst Attack while your Synergy Burst is active. During Synergy Burst, you may only utilize an intense assault known as a Burst Attack. To ensure your win, execute a Burst Attack at precisely the appropriate time.

Once you successfully deliver this potent attack, it's thrilling!

A recovery with one strike is possible when you have the necessary damaging strength to save you from a predicament.

You may use the L Button to summon Support Pokemon while your Support Gauge is full. These can injure your enemy's Pokemon, improve the statistics of your Battle Pokemon, and do other things. If you find yourself in a bind, consider using your Support Pokemon.

Espeon replenishes the HP of your Battle Pokemon.

Each of the three strike types in Pokken Tournament DX-classic hits, grabbing attacks, and defense attacks-relates to the others in a duel fashion.  Grab strikes triumph over counter-attacks, grab strikes triumph over regular attacks, and counter-attack attacks triumph over grab attacks. Since various Pokemon are skilled in utilizing various attack types, you may discover a strategy for combat that you like.

Pokken Tournament DX battles rotate around Field Phase, in which you can move around at will, and Duel Phase, once you can get closer in the distance and launch powerful strikes. A Phase Shift will happen if you strike an enemy with a specific assault or set of strikes. Additionally, commands and visuals vary with each step.

In knockdown combat versus your enemy's squad, you'll need to select three Pokemon to represent your squad. In every round, a Pokemon is selected by both participants to use in combat. The victorious Pokemon's Synergy gauge or HP carries over towards the conclusion of the round. The winning team will be the one that destroys all of the opposition's Pokemon first.

The Pokemon you fought with and another randomly selected Pokemon would receive Skill Points once you finish a Basic Battles Daily Challenge. Each of the three of your group's Pokemon and one other Pokemon selected randomly will get Skill Points following a Team Battle Daily Challenge.

Pokken Tournament DX is one of the best spin-offs of the Pokemon game franchise. It is entirely different gameplay from the original story mode battles we have come to know and love. Even though it is a big jump from the original game, it is still proven to be as fun and challenging as its predecessors. With the elements of Tekken added into the mix, this game has captured the interest of so many gamers everywhere. What's more, fun is that you can play it by yourself or battle with games from anywhere in the world.

If you've experienced playing this game, leave a comment! Tell us which was the most fun part of the game. Which part did you find most challenging, and which part could you not get enough of.


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