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Among Us

Among Us
Among Us



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    12 April 2021

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    Apr 11, 2021

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"Among Us" is a multiplayer detective-like game designed to cause confusion and guarantee fun. If you're good at getting away with murder, this is the perfect game for you.

Although it launched in 2018, its popularity exploded in 2020. Since everyone was stuck at home due to the pandemic at that time, Among Us helped players keep their sanity.

The game premise is simple, so every friend group or family member can pick it up quickly. Up to 8 crew members land on a spaceship with one mission: Complete minigames and complete a progress bar. If they do, they win.

But here's the trick: Someone is lying. Among the players, two impostors have a different objective: Murder every crew member until they equal or outnumber them. If they do, they win.

The fun lies in not knowing what's real and what's not. Who is lying, and who is telling the truth? Most of the time, you can only guess. And your intuition won't always be correct. And if you're one of the impostors, you have to spend the entire match lying and accusing others without anyone noticing you're the impostor.

Different players opt for different strategies: Some scream and accuse everyone indifferently, while others don't talk much and prefer to observe. But be careful and don't fall back on the same strategies over and over again, as others may get suspicious. 

Sometimes it's best to act illogically and create chaos. Murder a member crew in front of another player and then accuse them like there's no tomorrow. Murder a member crew in front of 6 people and let the confusion begin.

The game art is pretty childish and relaxed, which makes Among Us much better. Why? Well, it's difficult to take things too personally when the characters and maps are so poorly-designed and funny. But don't get us wrong - Among Us designs are great, no matter how unrealistic.

The worst part may be people getting angry. Sometimes you know you are right, but no one believes you. Even worse, they accuse you of being the impostor! When these situations happen recurrently, less patient people may end up exploding.

Screams of disbelief and frustration can make you burst out in laughter and add fun to the experience. But remember not to take things too far! In the end, Among Us is just a multiplayer game, and your friendships are more important than a victory.

Each match is relatively short, meaning you can play a lot in just a few hours. That way, it doesn't get boring to debate the same topic and play the same scenario for what feels like an eternity.

Among Us is, long story short, a casual game that brings mental sharpness and pragmatism together to create a fun multiplayer experience.

How to play

First, gather all your friends together. You can decide the number of impostors. If you are 5 players, maybe 2 impostors are one too many - Opt for 1 instead.

You can also determine the vision range. What does this mean? Your vision range is limited, so you never know whether you're running into someone or who is around you. Is that Angie? Or is it John? You never know. 

On the other hand, impostors can have a wider range to make things more interesting. They can see everything around them. Or not - You can make them suffer by reducing their vision.


Then choose a map and how many tasks there will be. These chores are crucial, and they are all over the map. If you're a non-impostor, your mission is to complete them all and fill in the progress bar. Once everyone else completes their respective missions, you win the game!

If someone murders you and you didn't manage to complete your mission, don't worry. You can still play as a ghost. You can go through walls and see everything - you're now omniscient! 

But there's a catch: You can help your teammates win by completing your tasks, but you can't talk. You're dead. It may be frustrating to witness every murder and situation, but it's part of the fun.

What if you're the Impostor?Then the fun begins. You will know your partner in crime, and your mission is to protect each other in your murder adventures. Of course, sometimes it's crystal clear they're guilty. If you try to defend them during the debate phase, players may get suspicious and bring you down too.

To succeed as the impostor, you need to be very good at getting away with murder and creating confusion. Decide what's your plan: Will you be discreet, or will you go all in like there's no tomorrow? Some players don't trust anyone who is too loud, but the choice is yours.

You can also manipulate the atmosphere to make things harder for the crew members. Turn off the lights and close some doors, leaving people stuck with other players they don't trust.

You and your impostor partner can continue to murder crew members until someone reports a dead body.

Debate Phase and Reporting Bodies

Anyone can report a body. Yes, even if you're the one who killed the player! That's why reporting a body is not always a good idea, even if you're innocent. Say you were alone in a room while everyone else was in another room. You become the suspect.

It's all about mind games, so be careful about what to say after reporting the body. The debate phase will begin.

Usually, everyone has 2-3 minutes to expose their alibis and reasons to distrust another player. Then everyone gets around one minute to vote for someone - the one they think it's guilty. The player with more votes gets kicked out. If they were innocent, the crew members just dug themselves in a hole. But if they were an impostor, things get more interesting.

When does it End?If you're innocent, the game ends when the crew members identify and kick out the impostors or when everyone completes their tasks.

If you're an impostor, the game finishes when you equal or outnumber the innocent players. It's easier to win as innocent crew members, but it's not impossible to win as impostors. It probably will give you a rush of dopamine!


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    I Love This Game Sl Fun And Suspenseful
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    Cool this game
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  • Shania 25 Sep,2023
    I Love This Game Sl Fun And Suspenseful

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