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Assassin's Creed Identity

Assassin's Creed Identity
Assassin's Creed Identity



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    May 21, 2019

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Through a variety of story missions and many quests, Assassin's Creed Identity pushes players to uncover The Mystery of The Crows. You will create and personalize your own Assassins and lead them on countless adventures in classic Renaissance locations such as Firenze's Santa Croce district and Rome's Colosseum area.

The action-adventure video game Assassin's Creed Identity was developed by Blue Byte and released by Ubisoft. It is the sixth Assassin's Creed spin-off game, and the fourth to be released for mobile platforms.

Beginning in 1501, the game follows a customizable Assassin who completes numerous tasks during the Italian Renaissance and supports the Assassins in their war against the Templar Order, commanded by the Borgia family.

Identity was the first mobile game in the series to have a fully 3D setting and third-person traversal gameplay similar to the console games.

The gameplay is comparable to those of popular console releases. From a third-person perspective, you can control an Assassin and do parkour by rushing to climbable walls, hills, or other things, where the Assassin will seamlessly do the maneuver.

By hitting the Action button or sprinting into blendable buildings or objects, the Assassin can blend into different people and structures, although the Assassin must be in an Alerted or lower state to blend.

When a nearby guard displays the Hidden Blade icon above his head, touch the Action button to pull out an assassination. You can attack, deflect attacks, utilize skills, or leave the fight during combat. Some skills, however, cannot be utilized in battle, and fighting has a cooldown.

The Assassin begins with the Anonymous status, which means that typical guards will overlook him. If the Assassin succeeds in breaking hostile guards' lines of sight or engages in suspicious behavior, the Assassin is alerted, and regular guards keep a close eye on him but do nothing.

The Assassin is in Wanted status during battles or when fleeing unfriendly guards, and all guards attack him on sight. By either interrupting guards' lines of sight for a lengthy amount of time or blending, assassins can reduce their statuses. However, in Restricted Areas and by specific Templar opponents, the Assassin will be targeted on sight.

The combat-oriented Berserker, the stealthy Shadow Blade, the jack-of-all-trades Trickster, and the swift Thief are the four character classes available in the game.

Each class does have its own set of talents and perks, which may be earned in the skill tab using cash and skill points. Leveling up earns skill points, and spending enough of them unlocks a new Tier of skills for each class, for a total of four Tiers.

Swords, Chest Armor, Hidden Blades, Insignias, Boosts, and Outfits may all be equipped from the inventory tab. Boosts are temporary enhancements that may be purchased in the shop.

Items give stat boosts to your Assassin and may be purchased in the shop, acquired in-game, or crafted with Blueprints under the Forge tab. Outfits provide bonuses and a unique visual look for the Assassin equipped and may be obtained through Achievements or purchased in the shop.

In the game, there are two sorts of missions. Campaign missions drive the plot and may have numerous parts or tasks, as well as side missions. You will receive items, XP, and cash for both Campaign and Contract missions.

How to play

Assassin's Creed Identity returns players to the series' Renaissance era. The events of the game align with those of AC 2 and AC Brotherhood. In Assassin Creed Identity, you play the character of Lo Sparviero, a 16th-century assassin. 

In Identity, you will select a ten-level episode for which you must achieve specified tasks in order to complete. Because each campaign mission unlocks the next one, they must be completed in order. Each mission contains the main objective that must be accomplished successfully, as well as a challenge that is optional but provides additional rewards if achieved.

Below, you will find a list of all the main missions in the game.

Episode: Italy - A Murder of Crows

1. The Corrupted

2. A Healer's Blood

3. Vengeful Eyes

4. An Assassin's Requiem

5. Broken Chains

6. A Storm of Crows

7. Burning Pages

8. Under the Red Sun

9. A Dangerous Trade

10. Saviors of Roma

Assassin's Creed Identity is a mission-based, loot-collecting, portable action RPG that takes place in Renaissance Italy. While the action may appear to be familiar, Assassin's Creed Identity simplifies the basic Assassin's Creed gameplay concept while simultaneously introducing new features that may surprise even seasoned fans.

Let's take a look at a couple of the tips that you might use to your advantage.

Select Your Class Three starter classes and an attainable fourth class are included in Assassin's Creed: Identity, each of which covers a different set of skills and play styles from the Assassin's Creed franchise as a whole.

Consider how you prefer to play Assassin's Creed in general and select the class that best suits your preferences. If you're unsure, the Berserker is a good choice because the increased health makes it less likely that you'll be killed when you make a mistake.

Although AC: Identity lacks the complexity of the main series, there is still much to accomplish. Do not overlook the shorter contract assignments or challenges if you really want to get the most from the game. Some of these are difficult, but completing all of the available missions and challenges each time will get you a lot more experience, gear, and money.

Take your time, explore extensively, and complete all of the objectives, just as in the main series. That way, you'll have a far more powerful assassin.

 Invite a Friend The option to recruit or hire assassins from other players is one of AC: Identity's social elements. These provide a one-time active ability as well as a passive benefit that can help you strengthen your own assassin. Berserkers increase your health, Tricksters make your opponents flee, and Shadowblades increase your critical chance.

These are strong allies that can help you out a lot if you're having trouble, so don't forget to bring them along.

Manage your inventory For each mission you complete, you will be rewarded with new items. This can quickly fill up your inventory. As a result, ensure there are always open spots for new loot. You may either sell unwanted items or utilize them in the forge to have extra space.

Make regular inventory checks, equip the best items, and search out additional equipment. Your assassin will be grateful and more importantly, they are less likely to die.

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