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    April 12, 2021

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    Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc

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    Apr 12, 2021

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    Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc




A gacha game with both Fighting game and RPG mechanics that includes iconic DB characters waiting to make you a legend.

Dragon Ball Legends: It is a freemium role-playing game (RPG) that revolves around character collection and real-time combat. The game allowed to create teams of up to six heroes and used them to gain experience and currency by fighting.

Story Mode The pivotal point of the game revolves around its Story Mode. A brand-new storyline is introduced in the Dragon Ball Saga. The characters are used from different timelines found in the original show. Some new characters are also added for the sake of the game.

You can unlock If you want to unlock the key features like PvP Mode, Hyperdimensional Co-op, and more by playing the game in the Story Mode.

Explore different game modes through this Story Mode. You can further upgrade the character's power level by playing certain stages in the story mode.

Characters Delve deeper into the core experience of the Dragon Ball legends by its versatile characters. It has the edge over the other gach games because it gives you a generous amount of tickets initially, and you can quickly get the character of your choice. Moreover, this adventure-filled game comes with different ways of upgrading the characters.

Each character you choose to play with has its class, element, and tag. The class helps determine the strength of the character while elements classify characters with a specific and assess their strong points against other elements. The tag will save you from trouble when building the roster because it helps classify characters in a particular group, family, or team.

Combat System The combat system will give you a unique fighting experience compared to other anime-inspired RPGs. Everything is so fast-paced that you may wonder if this is some console or PC game. Owning a strong character is not enough to get a higher win rate. You need to master the Combat System.

Events Complete specific tasks in events and get your hands on several freebies. The duration of the events varies, and you get a limited amount of time before you lose out on all the fantastic things.

You might be grinding the story mode to unlock the additional features if you are a beginner, but you should follow and participate in events to have surprising rewards. 

PvP arena While the story mode and events can be fun, the PvP arenas offer exciting features for competitive players. If you want to test the strength of your team or compete against other players who have been training and collecting strong units, then the PvP arena is a perfect choice. You cannot learn the mechanics involved in it overnight. The pay to win players will have a significant advantage in combat due to having better units.

Special, Ultimate, and Awakened Moves

Dragon Ball Legends offers exciting moves that appear as Arts cards. Unravel the unique experience of playing by exploring different moves.

How to play

Understanding Arts Cards The Dragon Ball Legends comes with six types of Arts Cards, each with its specific function.

● Red: You can use it for melee attacks or striking your opponents

● Yellow: It will let you blast your enemy within the ranged attacks.

● Green: It helps give stats and may get you an extra move.

● Blue: It will provide a massive loss to the opponent by its special move.

● Purple: Use it for awakened moves, and you can only use it for certain fighters.

● Blue with a Spiked Border: You can use it for an ultimate move, but you cannot use it for all fighters.

Understanding type The game comes in seven types. Each of the characters has its type. The characters have their strength and weaknesses. You'll also see that your chosen character has a specific color-coded element. The five primary colors are Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow, and Red. Each color element will be strong against one element and weak against the other.

Moving By swiping upward and downward, you can move the Fighter into the forward or backward direction, respectively.

Vanish Stepping Vanish Steps are among defensive actions. If an exclamation mark shows up on your Fighter's head, you can dodge the enemy attack by swiping toward the left or right. Your Vanish Gauge may get drained out, but it will recover after some time. If you are Charging your Ki or attacking, the Vanish Guard might not replenish.

Charging your Ki Meter If you want to use Arts Cards, Ki is needed. It can be seen at the bottom of your screen. Press and hold your finger on the screen to charge the Ki Meter faster. It would charge the meter faster than your Fighter is standing still. Once you understand how to Combo Arts Cards and manage Ki, you can beat your opponents easily.

Activating the Main Ability Each Fighter in the games has a different ability, and you can find the specifications in the Fighter's "Abilities" tab. Tap the Fighter icon to activate its Main Ability.

Z-Ability Explore the ability to increase some stat for a certain category of Fighters. Play the game and see if every team member can use this ability or not.

Rising Rush The rising rush is a decisive move that can potentially knock out fighters due to its high power levels. Each Art Card has the possibility of Dragon Ball appearing in its upper left corner. If you land seven of these moves, your Fighter will perform a rising rush.

Dealing The Enemy When close to the enemy, repeatedly touch the screen to activate the Fighter Throw. If your enemy is far away, you may use some basic punches or a single Energy Blast to encounter him.

Souls, Rising Souls, Super Souls While playing the game, you might have observed that the Dragon Ball Legends have five main types. Hence, there are five types of souls that you need to collect. Each soul corresponds to its respective kind and has a different size. You can use souls as a form of currency to strengthen your character by improving your health, attack, etc. 

If you want to unlock the 'boost panels,' the rising souls will help you in this regard. To earn these, all you need is to play the story mode or play PvP matches so that you may earn currency to exchange souls.

If you are a fan of action-packed gameplay and strategy in one exciting package, download the quality role-playing game -The Dragon Balls Legend!


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  • built diff dom 28 Mar,2023
    this is the best mobile game ever
  • zitariangray 14 Sep,2022
    it is great
  • procdic 2 Sep,2022
    ONe of the best gAMES

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