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BMX Cycle Tricky Stunts 2017

BMX Cycle Tricky Stunts 2017
BMX Cycle Tricky Stunts 2017



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    November 24, 2017

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    Top Tap Games




Are you a crazy bike rider? The BMX Cycle Tricky Stunts 2017 game allows you to compete in extreme conditions and maneuver through obstacles. Finish as soon as possible and get the reward. 

Be the king of stunts and show the daredevil cycling skills. This is a heart-pumping and action-packed game with interesting features. 

This game offers BMX freestyle stunts, including air stunts, ramp jumps, and other spectacular tricks. Here, you ride without fear or favor. This simulation game takes you through impossible tracks. Dare to ride the bike to show your skills. 

To master the cycling skills, you should explore the narrow paths. The sky-high ramps will give a thrilling cycling adventure. Not to mention, you take control of the bike on the twisting tracks. First, you must have the blend of athleticism and fearlessness to pull off fast rides. It's all about having the skills to balance and navigate obstacles. 

Smooth and realistic interface

The BMX cycle game comes with realistic graphics and offers a host of customization options. This game will quickly suck you in, even if you're not a BMX sports fan. The key to scoring high is to do a bit of practice. You'll enjoy cool and amazing graphics. 

The graphic user interface is easy to understand for a typical user. It's easy to master a specific level and stay in a specific zone for hours. 

Basic controls To steer the bike, you should drag the handlebars in the direction you want. The basic maneuver is to catch and land a trick - this requires a little practice. You also get a scenic view of clouds. 

The controls are simple to use - you earn points after you complete the levels. 

The narrow tracks are built upon hills and mountains. To master the tricks, you need to ride with accuracy. You can race through the beautiful trails as you unlock better bikes and gear. 

The multiple environments allow you to compete with others at a high speed. There's a mode for kids and adults to give players engaging fun. After you hone your skills, you'll become a professional rider. 

Depending on the player level, you get a good collection of stunt bikes with eye-catching color schemes. And you can easily track your progress. Of course, before you reach a specific finish line, you must go through checkpoints. 

To choose the desired cycle race, you should go to the garage. 

Collect all the points on the narrow paths

It's all about bringing your inner skills as you watch for surprising obstacles. Trust the adrenaline rush and avoid falling from great heights. 

Timing is everything

You must be fast enough before you make the jump. If you fall off, you should practice fearlessness. Each level takes a few action-packed seconds but brings new challenges. For some stunts, you try to defy gravity. It's all about taking the risks and getting the rewards. 

Combos To form a combo, you must perform two tricks together. It's worth mentioning that the timer won't start unless you start the pedal or brake. 

Other features

● Smooth selection of the game

● Interesting missions and levels

● Lots of fun and excitement 

● Easy controls and fun to play

Realistic sound effects

The sound is great as it boosts your enthusiasm. It makes you feel like you're riding a bike in real life. 

How to play

This game allows you to ride on dangerous tracks as you perform fearless stunts. If you want to push your adrenaline to the limit, you can perform turns and flips as you explore the city landscape. 

To play, you should select the mode, choose the level, and select the ride. Press the pedal to accelerate and touch it to slow down. Use the right and left buttons for steering. 

To put your skills to the test, you can start with free trials. It's better to start slow - going too fast will make you stumble over obstacles. 

The loading time of the game is instantaneous. Best of all, you can restart any stage with a press of a button. This means that you can pursue a difficult stage without any hitches. With such unique mechanics, you won't experience any pitfalls. 

The game is filled with free action style, and you enjoy hours of gameplay. 

You must learn how to land perfectly to complete each level. Keep in mind that you're only given a small amount of space to build momentum before you make the next jump. The secret is to balance speed and precision. 

Upon starting any stage, you'll get a soundtrack. 

Conquer all the adventurers

You have a chance to prove you're a real stunt rider. To win, you must defeat all the opponents you find on the way. If you complete the challenge at a specific time, you're the winner. 

Once you win, you earn some cash where you can buy new bicycles. 

Air tricks Before you perform those BMX tricks, you should learn the foundational tricks. You might struggle in the initial stages due to the pop-up tutorials. Some will tell you how to perform specific moves without visual presentation. 

Bunny hop Lift the bike into the air and jump obstacles off the ground. Then, keep your knees bent as you make this move. 

Backflip You rotate the bike 360 degrees in a backward direction before landing.

Barspin Simply slide the top dot and steer the handlebar in the direction you want. 

Side bike flip

This is the toughest of the base tricks. You slide the dots in different directions, simultaneously.

This is the opposite of Barspin. It allows you to slide the seat in the direction you want and rotate the bike. 

Bottom-up reverse Barspin

Start with a front bike flip (when the bike is upside down) and pull off the Barspin. Don't forget to rotate the bike before you go back to the original position. 

These tricks require careful timing. However, you should be careful when performing in-game stunts. Otherwise, you risk losing the game. 

Find your balance Practice on a track as you build confidence and speed. 

The different tracks allow you to unlock one level after another. The secret is to go over obstacles quickly, or you'll lose control and crash. 

Play the new update of the game

● Game optimized

● Added new bikes

● Control improved

● New garage

● Quality improvements

The BMX Cycle tricky bike stunt game allows you to explore tracks and win rewards. 

Are you ready for some crazy stunts? You're free to share your experience in the comment section below. 


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