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Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Extreme Car Driving Simulator
Extreme Car Driving Simulator



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    April 29, 2021

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    AxesInMotion S.L.

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    May 3, 2021

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    311.9 MB

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    AxesInMotion S.L.




Everything you need to know about Extreme Car Driving Simulator: is it worth playing?

Are you an avid driver? If so, the Extreme Car Driving Simulator is the game that you'll adore. This is one of the most excellent driving simulators that anyone can play today.

This is an open-world driving simulation inside the racing games genre. Enjoy this fantastic simulator designed for customizing and racing fanatics. Get ready to collect rare autos.

Have you ever wished to use a racing vehicle simulator? Lucky you because right now, you can freely ride, drift, and experience a driving sports automobile. Due to its great realistic physics engine in the game, The Extreme Car Driving Simulator game was the top automobile simulation in 2014.

Become a fierce driver all across the city. Nobody has to stop due to road traffic or competing cars, and then you may commit unlawful stunts and drive at full velocity without minding that some cops are pursuing you.

Obtain unique cars, make them your own, start exploring in free roam, and give it your best shot to become the Extreme Car Driving Simulators' legendary. Are you willing to become the best at veering and driving on the city road? In this game, you're a pro at dodging the moving cars on the downtown streets. You can go out to your garage to add to your fantastic collection of cars. Players can exhibit their creative skills by painting and tuning a car.

Keep driving quickly in the most incredible supercar to experience how fast it can go. Check out and explore every off-road area to see where the real excitement is. Use your pedal to veer and turn on the street. Players can move off-ramps and soar through the buildings, and then you can collapse your vehicles but also quickly fix them in the shop.

Perform all the stunts you want to do in Extreme Car Driving Simulator.

This game has stunning 3D visuals that make the driving of every vehicle seem very authentic. We can easily make the most out of every automobile since the management system has been extensively optimized for touchscreen devices. You can manage the speed and velocity by depressing the gasoline and stopping the pedals, and also, you can adjust the trajectory by twisting your steering wheel.

Extreme Car Driving Simulation continuously displays the km/h where we travel so we can experience the acceleration. Once we go on a mission that demands us to cross through specific radar stations and checkpoints, all details shown on display could greatly assist us.

How to play

In this game, Extreme Car Driving Simulation, you can take control of numerous vehicles with many impressive engines. You will put your abilities and knowledge to maneuver each car's mechanical features to the challenge as you freely explore the roadways of a big metropolis. This game also allows the players to accomplish various objectives to earn awards that could enable them to discover additional automobiles.

Every user can demonstrate their racing and driving abilities in three modes:

● Free driving.

● Driving when other vehicles are on the roadway.

● Going from one location to another within a certain amount of time.

The navigation is handled by using virtual buttons. Altering your camera perspective may also be accomplished by clicking the icon designated for that purpose on your screen.

The ability to completely modify every one of your automobiles from your personal garage has been one of the game's most incredible fascinating features. You may change not only its colors and other decorative features, but you can also modify some technical parameters to customize you're driving dynamics that suit your requirements like a pro driver.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator game contains automobiles from renowned manufacturers, including Nissan, Volkswagen, and Ferrari, which you can test on both downtown streets or confined tracks. By showcasing your automotive prowess, you can attempt to accomplish objectives at top speed to break every game leaderboard. However, if you want a more relaxed feeling, you can also take a journey behind the seat of some of those great race vehicles during the free-driving mode.

Game Features

● Next-gen visuals and graphics

The game features realistic 3D imagery for the areas and automobiles. The HD visuals seem nearly lifelike!

● Realistic and Accurate to Physics

Because of the enhanced physics engine, players could fly, drift, spin, and get the best possible experience on their smartphone or tablet.

● Wide range of Car Collection

The latest collection includes SUVs, vintage automobiles, luxury, and racing automobiles. Collect all of them to become a racing superstar!

● Amazing Customization Feature

Players can modify and customize their automobiles in a mechanic shop to create the special. There are several customization choices when selecting paint, wheels, or unique coats.

● Zones

The game's areas provide a wealth of gaming opportunities. Slide within downtown streets, travel at will in the off-road area distant from any roads, or dash wildly on the field of the airfield.

● Exciting Challenges

Access spots to complex mini-games, such as trials, radar, and demolition, exist throughout the open-world settings. Explore them for incredible prizes.

● Game modes

The game features several different gameplay modes, including one called "traffic" and many others. Conquer each one!

● Photo Mode

Taking the Photo Studio lets you capture the most incredible photographs of your automobiles while having some fun with the game.

● Features a Night and Day Cycle

The game's environment is now more realistic thanks to its latest feature. Players may go around the streets every night or take the off-road scenery at dusk. Every game experience will never be the same!

● The Controls and Cameras

To maneuver like an expert in racing games, select your preferred camera (external, internal, roof, or wheels) plus a controller (manual arrows, a wheel, or a gyro).

● The Damages in your Car

Hitting other vehicles while you travel will never be a problem because you don't have to go to the workshop for repairs; they are free!


It's time for everyone to get behind the wheel and experience some intense driving. There is no competitive rivalry, so you may travel as much as you like and enjoy the streets. And you'll undeniably like its top-notch 3D visuals. You can simply take a seat and take in the gorgeous metropolis and the spectacular view whenever you feel fatigued. You'll notice that every element is authentic. Nevertheless, this game is a very great simulation of steering an automobile. And then, for vehicle enthusiasts, you'll discover that Extreme Car Driving Simulator is too fantastic to be real!


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  • Jayent 1 Mar,2022
    yeah its Cool and also i unlocked all cars

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