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Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run
Super Mario Run



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    March 17, 2021

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    Nintendo Co., Ltd.

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    Mar 23, 2021

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    Nintendo Co., Ltd.




What is Super Mario Run?

Everyone knows who Super Mario is, an iconic and popular video game character from Japan who served as the entertainment of the 80s kids back then. The original, named Super Mario Bros, was first made on September 13, 1985, using two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) graphics, and Nintendo developed the game.

If you have played the original Super Mario, you probably missed the nostalgic childhood that you have, and you might wonder where you can play that game again. The Nintendo EAD has created, revived, and developed the modern Super Mario for you to relive your childhood memories.

Nintendo created the Super Mario Run game in 2016, which you can play it freely on your iOS and Android smartphones. The Super Mario Run was Nintendo's debut smartphone game based on the institution's iconic and legendary franchise game, the Super Mario.

Technically, in Super Mario Run, you will control and lead Mario or any other heroes you choose as they sprint around your smartphone screen. While your character in the game is running, you will have to collect money and coins that you will see; you must also avoid the opponents and watch out for different obstacles to succeed in the game.

Super Mario Run's coins can be seen everywhere, organized through their colors. In addition to the regular gold pennies, every stage has three unique coins to obtain, and these colors are pink, purple, and black. Completing one entire collection opens a new version of the game, now with coins buried in even more tricky locations. Considering Mario moves continuously, time is essential for collecting them all, or you'll have to start over at the beginning.

The main goal of the Super Mario Run is to save Princess Peach in the castle, who the evil Bowser then abducted. Along the way to saving Princess Peach, you must also reconstruct the Mushroom Kingdom, which Bowser ruined.

If you think that this new Super Mario Run game is like the classic one, you may be wrong. Nintendo created the Super Mario Run to make some surprising changes and modifications, and one of these twists is the verticality. Unlike the previous Mario game adventures, additional rounds have been built vertically for Mario to jagged all around the smartphone screen.

To enjoy playing Super Mario Run, you will have to position your smartphone in a portrait orientation, enabling you to execute the game with just one hand. Playing the Super Mario Run is more like scaling a castle or tower than jumping through the expansive, broad landscapes of traditional 2D Super Mario classic Nintendo games. Another exciting feature of the game is the new haunted mansion levels, wherein you will be placed in labyrinth buildings and constructions that will take you up or down until you find the escape doorway.

However, suppose you are more into the classic Super Mario Run. In that case, you may choose their basic mode, which is called the Super Mario Run "World Tour," which consists of twenty-four (24) different stages distributed over the six (6) realms.

The Super Mario Run game features many identical gameplay modes modified for the convenience of smartphone controls and was primarily designed by the former team that already had created New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS.

Super Mario Run's initial three rounds are available to play, but accessing the entire game needs a one-time purchase.

How to play

How To Play The Super Mario Run?

The Super Mario Run consists of three (3) different game modes: the World Tour, Toad Rally, and Kingdom Construction. To play all these modes, you will need to unlock them based on your stage.

Upon completing the stages in the World Tour, you will be able to play the Toad Rally. Consistent playing would lead you to unlock all the three (3) game modes of Super Mario Run.

The Super Mario Run contains the following exclusive features:

● You can play the first three rounds for free

● Different Characters to choose

● Choose what mode you are going to play

If you are curious enough about how to play the Super Mario Run game, follow these steps and start your adventure with Mario.

Step 1: You will first need to download the application via your smartphone play store. (For iOS, you may use the App Store and Google Play Store for Android phones)

Step 2: Wait for the game to be downloaded (Note: You will need to make some space for this app as it can take up some of your storage systems)

Step 3: Launch the game

Step 4: Upon launching the game, you will see a note coming from Princess Peach inviting you over to a party at the castle. Click the "OK" button to begin your adventure.

Step 5: The evil Bowser will appear on the screen, threatening you that he will also go to Princess Peach's castle. Click the "NEXT" button and start racing with Bowser.

Step 6: As I have said, Mario is running automatically and continuously throughout the game.

Step 7: Arrows will appear while running. These arrows are the gold coins that you need to collect.

Step 8: Upon facing obstacles, Mario will automatically dodge and vault these obstacles.

Step 9: You will pop into a bubble and get another life if you make a mistake. Once you stop spinning, tap anywhere on the screen to pop the bubble.

Step 10: The longer you touch and hold the screen, the higher Mario can jump. Use this technique to get the coins floating in the air.

Step 11: Eat the mushrooms that will appear on the screen to increase the height of Mario.

Step 12: Jump over the small enemies to pull off some incredible moves

Step 13: Continue playing the game until you reach the castle.

No doubt playing nostalgic video games like the Super Mario Run would relieve and unlock all of your childhood memories. The Nintendo EAD decided to re-develop and create the newest smartphone game addiction that kids and kids will indeed enjoy at heart.

How about you? Have you experienced playing the different adventures, stages, and obstacles in the Super Mario Run? Let us hear some feedback about your Super Mario Run gaming experience.


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