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Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Village



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    May 7, 2021

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    CAPCOM Co., Ltd.




Resident Evil Village, the eighth major chapter in the Resident Evil series, welcomes the next generation of survival horror. Fight for survival with ultra-realistic visuals driven by the RE Engine as evil lurks around every turn. Years after the devastating events of Resident Evil 7 biohazard, Ethan Winters and his wife Mia have rebuilt their lives and left the past behind them. Suddenly, Chris Redfield, the iconic hero from earlier Resident Evil games, appears out of nowhere, plunging Ethan into a new and twisted horror in pursuit of answers.

Resident Evil Village is a survival horror game created by Capcom and released in 2021. It's a follow-up to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (2017).

You play as Ethan Winters, a father searching for his missing daughter in a mutant-infested village. Village keeps the survival horror themes of earlier Resident Evil games, with you searching for items and managing supplies. It does, however, introduce more action-oriented gameplay, with increased monster counts and a stronger focus on battle.

Resident Evil Village, like its previous Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, is a first-person shooter. It's set in a snowy Eastern European village that feels like it's been pulled from the Victorian times, and it's far bigger and more realistic than its predecessor. The core village's structures and buildings may be accessed and used to battle enemies.

The game is more action-oriented than Biohazard, with protagonist Ethan Winters now having better combat skills thanks to his military training. The game's main monsters, the werewolf-like Lycans, are not only quick and smart, but they can also carry weapons and attack in groups, requiring you to evaluate if you should spend your limited ammo, and engage in melee battle, or simply flee. You can use makeshift barricades to protect yourself.

The inventory management system is identical to Resident Evil 4, with a briefcase and the option to move and rotate objects for more storage. The Duke is a merchant who sells supplies, weapons, upgrades, and other stuff that you will need on your journey.

You may even go hunting in the village and have the Duke prepare your dish. When you eat side dishes, you obtain specific bonuses, such as reducing the amount of damage you receive when blocking. Around the village, treasures and collectibles may be located and sold to the Duke for money.

You may also manually save your game progress by finding and using typewriters, these replace the tape recorders featured in Resident Evil 7 and are the first time they've appeared in the main title since Resident Evil 4.

A map of the village, as well as a journal with sketches recounting your journey in the game so far, are available via the pause menu. Photo mode, which allowed you to take screenshots of in-game situations, and a button to bypass cutscenes were also introduced to the game.

By completing challenges, you may unlock a variety of unlockables for purchase in Village. After beating the game once, the challenges menu is accessible. They may then be purchased using Completion Points, which are gained by completing challenges. Some are acquired automatically when the game is completed for the first time and for free.

How to play

The events of Resident Evil Village take place three years after the end of Resident Evil 7.  The protagonist, Ethan Winters, is back. Ethan had been residing with his wife Mia and six-month-old daughter Rosemary until Chris Redfield and his men emerge out of nowhere, murdering his wife in cold blood, kidnapping him and his baby daughter, and bringing them to a mystery European town.

To save Rosemary, Ethan must travel through the village. The village has been overrun by werewolf-like mutants known as Lycans, who are ruled by four mutant lords, each of whom commands his own armies from strongholds within the village.

Lady Alcina Dimitrescu, a vampiric aristocrat with unusually tall daughters Bela, Cassandra, and Daniela, and mutant female maids live at Castle Dimitrescu. Mother Miranda, the village monarch and a presence worshiped by the inhabitants, is the supreme leader figure who commands all village.

Resident Evil Village has a lot to offer right from the start, with puzzles, exploration, combat, and more all expecting you to jump right in. With so much to learn and so many options to discover, it's easy to overlook details or just forget about them when another test or difficulty arises.

These Resident Evil Village hints include everything you would need to know straight from the start to ensure you never miss a hidden location or overlook a key upgrade.

● Explore an area until it turns blue on the map

One of the most useful Resident Evil Village hints is this, when you first enter a building or single room, the location on the map will be red. That indicates there's something to find in this area, whether it's a hidden secret or more ammo.

When there's nothing further to find, the location will become blue, indicating that you're free to move on. Remember that certain secrets can only be discovered later in the game, so unless there is something you can't open or interact with right now, the map will remain red and you'll have to return later.

● Yellow objects are usually breakable, useable, or helpful

Perhaps you've already worked out this Resident Evil Village tip, but yellow-tape-covered wooden barrels and chests can be broken apart to gain access to the goodies within. The yellow tape on locks, walls, wooden beams, and even yellow wires running over floors and roofs is a little less noticeable so keep an eye open.

They can also signal that the object is likely to break, be used in another way, or just direct you to something that you have to locate. When you are stuck at any moment, check around to see if there is anything yellow that could assist you.

● Buy inventory space 

Nothing is more irritating than discovering useful resources but not having the extra inventory space to take them. It's significantly more difficult to maintain a non-upgraded inventory in Resident Evil Village since you can't dump weapons or ammo.

Buying an inventory upgrade at the Duke's store is one of the essential Resident Evil Village advice you should follow. Set your sights on the ammunition recipes after you've obtained them, so you may create your own shotgun and sniper rifle rounds using the resources you've collected.

● Fighting isn't always the best option

Shooting and guarding alone isn't always enough. You will be confronted with a very big number of opponents, or a particularly powerful one, at certain times during the storyline.

Whether you believe you won't make it, try to see if there's an escape, which is usually the case. Furthermore, there are instances when you are not meant to engage in combat with an enemy. It's obvious that you're not supposed to combat this opponent if you see an escape path and your bullets don't seem to be doing any harm.

We hope you found this article to be informative and useful. Comment below with your thoughts and suggestions so that we may all learn from them.


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