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Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team
Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team



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    May 30, 2021

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    Jun 4, 2021

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Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team is a multiplayer football game that allows you to make your dream team and have heated matches. It's a competitive football simulation game rendered in 3D graphics. 

Are you looking for an addictive football game that gives hours of entertainment? 

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team is catered to soccer fans and folks who like a competitive play. For an immersive experience, the game comes with voiceovers and character cut-ins. 


Connect with other players

You can search opponents for friendly matches. 

Types of players

There are three types of players in the game.

Fortitude players

They are not the strongest but can withstand other skilled players.

Agility players

They are skillful against resilient players

Skilled player

They are weak in front of fortitude players but tough enough to fit the agility players. 

Original comic in story mode

With Tsubasa's new challenge, you enjoy the original stories too. You have to battle Europe's champions' league. The number one club features characters like Kojiro Hyuga, Genzo Wakabayashi, among others.

Gaming hero characteristics

Each gaming hero has unique features like:

● Speed - it indicates the speed of blocking, dribbling, and hitting the football player. 

● Block - it shows how the hero can unlock the opponent member

● Hit - this is the penetration ability of the hero

● Techniques - it increases the player's interception skills


You can play the match with captain Tsubasa fans from around the world. 

Friendly match

Whichever rules you want, you can play against club members or family. 

Rank match

To earn the number one spot, you must compete with other players around the world. 

Group match

You can play with 32 friends for friendly matches. 

Goalkeeper's stand

The performance of the goalkeeper will reduce after blocking powerful hits. If he stumbles, the performance score degrades. You must keep this rule in mind. 


If you fail in dribbling the ball, you get a yellow or a red card. But again, this will depend on the number of fouls. Because there's no replacement, you should avoid getting any fouls. A red card means that you won't take part in a specific match. 

Forming a strong team

Training players

You can equip the players with special skills and use hidden ability evolution. In the players' section, you can enhance the skill field and limit breaks. Also, you can boost the ability limit break. Once you hone your team with skills, you can show your rivals the full power of football. 

Automatic team selection

The auto-pick button offers two possibilities: automatic selection of team and participation. With the automatic selection of participants, you can choose the best players in the inventory. If you choose the automatic selection, you get the best strategies, and the inventory is chosen. 

Team uniform

After you complete the day's missions, you can customize the uniforms to suit your needs. All information about the jerseys is on the teams' menu. 

Increased ability limit

For each player, there are limits on increasing the characteristics. You can select the limit you want depending on the type and nationality of the player. 

Football strength bonus

Every time your team scores a goal, you can see a bar for the strength bonus. The speed increases automatically. However, you can activate the bonus option. 

Penalty shootout/extra time

If a draw score is provided after the extra time, no winner is determined. An additional penalty shootout can also be given. 

How to play

In the gameplay, you run until the other player engages you. At this point, you're presented with options to maintain possession. You can go for a shot, unleash a powerful move, or dribble past the defender. For the attacks, you need a tactical approach to create sort of a result. It's all about outsmarting the opponent to maintain possession. 

Single-player option

If you like to play the game casually, you can watch the animals on the screen. It can also bring a personal connection because the team wears uniforms that you've already created. Also, you can take the role of a coach where you make strong players part of your plan and sub the weak ones. 

Even better, you can evaluate the ability of one player and teach it to a newbie. To be more elaborate, if a player has an empty skill slot, someone can fill the gap. Do you get the picture? But that doesn't mean that your character is of high rarity. You have to keep improving them. 

The heroes' rarities are SR, SSR, UR, R, and N. 

Enhancement items

They help you boost your special skills. The game feels fluid as you use your finger to target the characters. Also, you should know when to use the special skill attacks. This is where much of the thrill comes from. 

What's new with the new version?

Passing special skills - you can select free and corner kicks

During the auto-play, you can select the ON and OFF functions to activate the special skills. 

Fixed minor bugs

Tips to play Captain Tsubasa

There are some secrets that you must adapt to nail the matches. 

Keep the ball on the move

In a football game, you're not playing against one player. You move the ball back and forth. If you focus on one player, you can quickly lose your stamina. To throw off your opponents' focus, you should pass the ball as often as you can. You can pass the ball backward too. 

Use full power football

The full-power football gauge fills up quickly. Why keep the gauge full if you won't use it? 

Save the special skills

The special skills can work in your favor. However, if you're not careful, you could exhaust the player. You should only use the stamina when the normal speed movements decrease. 

During the final rounds, you earn points based on performance. If you play against random opponents, some extra time is allocated. If the match remains a draw, no penalty shootout is allowed. 

You need more dream balls

You get the dream balls for completing the daily tasks. But the best way to earn the rewards is to get through the story mode. Keep playing to get enough dream balls. 

Always study your opponents

If you want to win the match, you should show your dribbling skills. You must study the gameplay of your opponent and the weaknesses. This will help you win the match. 

You'll earn points based on the number of matches you play. You also get a cup award for the number of goals, victories, and ratings. 

If you're looking for a fresh new experience out of mobile, the Captain Tsubasa: Dream team game is a sure bet. Do you think it's an impressive game? You're free to share your experience in the comment section below. 


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  • Brayden 27 Apr,2022
    This is the best game ever!!!!!!

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