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Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers
Subway Surfers



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    June 19, 2020

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    SYBO Games

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    Aug 9, 2021

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    345.9 MB

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    SYBO Games




This game aims to evade a railroad inspector while avoiding incoming trains, barriers, and other potential hazards. Players can gain benefits such as hoverboards and high scores by collecting coins. "World Tour" became the subject of the game when it was released in 2012, with settings in places such as New York, Sydney, Miami, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Mumbai, Paris, Dubai, and Tokyo, to name a few. Jake is the default character in the game, but players will eventually be able to unlock new avatars and clothing as they collect more coins and keys. Not only that, but they can also unlock Tricky, Fresh, Spike, and Yutani by collecting hats, stereos, guitars, and UFOs in addition to cash and keys. In addition, Real Money can be used to unlock various characters in this game.

This is a pretty basic mobile game. You begin as Jake, a graffiti artist who is vandalizing public property. Then a cop spots you, and you have to flee. Running away from the cop is the theme of Subway Surfers. However, getting to the end will be no easy task as you face a lot of hurdles. There are oncoming trains that can hit you at any time, and you can jump from one track to another quickly. There are also different paths, and the scenery will constantly be changing, so you will always need to be fixated on the game. If you lose your focus, it will lead to the arrest of Jake, and you will have to start again. Not just hurdles, you may even find packages on your way to freedom. The crowd favorite is a Jetpack which takes Jake high into the sky to collect more coins. Subway Surfers is a game with no end. You can play the game indefinitely if you don't make a mistake and hit a barrier. If you hit an obstacle, the game ends instantly unless you have an item that allows you to continue.

Subway Surfer has various characters, and each character has unique advantages and attributes. New characters can be unlocked by completing challenges, collecting keys, and spending money. Token trade can also be used to unlock characters. Subway Surfers has launched various characters over the years since its initial release. Some of these characters progressed to the main cast, while others remained in minor roles. Occasionally, a few characters return to the store. You can't possibly count all of the characters. There are almost a hundred characters as of 2020.

It is not an ordinary game as it is the game that keeps on giving. If you play this game once, you would like to play it again and then again due to its addictive nature. The gamers who play it are convinced that it is a highly addicting game as they are always interested in beating their personal records even if they are capable of outdoing others. Microtransactions are available in Subway Surfers. So, how isn't this a pay-to-win situation? That's relatively straightforward. Microtransactions are available to help you progress faster, but they are not required. The majority of the top players play for free.

How to play

● the more missions you accomplish, the faster you will earn points. Although the chores are not tricky, they can be neglected, which will cost you money.

All you have to do is run without hitting any of the hurdles for as long as possible.

● Subway Surfers has one-shot boosts, much like any other runner; for example, you can skip the first several thousand meters of the track. Additionally, there are paid upgrades for power-ups strewn along the road.

You can pay to skip quests, gain additional points, and upgrade your character. Even the game's microtransactions provide decent cosmetics. Characters can also be purchased with actual money from the store. However, this does not make the game pay-to-win, as skills are the essential aspect of winning. You can progress completely free in Subway Surfers. There aren't any significant roadblocks that money can remove right now. Paywalls do not exist. This game has been free to play for years.


1. Daily challenges

An approach is known as "daily prizes" is extensively used in social and mobile games. The game's creators incentivize players to return by giving them in-game cash. Kiloo had done something similar, but their method is more refined. The player must make a word out of the letters on the track to get a prize. It only takes five minutes, but it's enough to draw the player's attention to the level board, where their friends' scores are shown, which may be a powerful motivator. As a result, Kiloo created challenges with the intention of luring gamers in.

2. Missions

Each mission has three objectives and awards the player with a point multiplier. Simply superficial, the faster you finish missions, the more points you get. This is a fantastic reward for high achievers. Missions will also appeal to explorers as they give a challenge while also allowing them to see more of the game.

3. Content

In Subway Surfers, some things and characters cannot be purchased. The Chicky Board, for example, is a prize for collecting 100 easter eggs. You can make it in 50 runs if you are swift and lucky.

4. Regular updates

Kiloo places a premium on making graphic changes to the track and adding new characters every month. Some of the new heroes are only available for a period of 30 days. This encourages players to return to Subway Surfers on a regular basis to see what has changed.

5. Trophies.

Those are extremely rare goods to come upon on the circuit. Hundreds of runs are made by explorers in order to obtain such items. Hundreds of runs are made by explorers in order to obtain such items.

6. Monetization

Subway Surfers has a decent monetization system: you may easily earn up to one million points (which is a lot but far from the maximum) without spending any money. In this game, skill is unquestionably the most important factor. Almost everything else can be purchased at the same time.


Reviews (25)

  • Wolf 18 Oct,2022
    The game is fun and cool
  • Lorenzo 22 Sep,2022
    I think it is a cool game because you can run from the cop and you can get new skins and it is not that hard to play and you can play it on your phone and computer and you don't need skill to play this game. Also it is a 10 out of 10 for this game
  • ali 31 Aug,2022
    nice game fun
  • Erin McCormick 6 Aug,2022

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