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Dungeon Hero: A Survival Games Story

Dungeon Hero: A Survival Games Story
Dungeon Hero: A Survival Games Story



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    May 4, 2021

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    Aeria Canada




A fight for survival against zombies, dragons and demons with portals that can take you to mysterious places and weird dimensions. It's time to shoot and attack and be the Dungeon Hero!

Block world gameplay is making waves these days. So, what makes Dungeon Hero stand out is the various worlds and environments that you can play in that are so diverse and equally challenging. There is nothing to distract you or sidetrack your focus from your playing, leveling up and destroying soldiers, demons and the other strange entities that try to take over your dimension. The designers were able to perfectly create worlds that are balanced and flawless representations of a well-blended historic as well as modern day and futuristic timelines.

It is immersive and every mission will take you into various worlds that can match your imagination. You will need to complete missions as you go along the game. With each completed mission, you will have a chance to level up your skills or equipment which will come in handy as each level presents new enemies that get tougher and more challenging to defeat.

The accompanying music and effects really do bring you into the world that you are playing with, so it is highly recommended that you plug in your sound cancelling headphones and completely immerse yourself into the gameplay. The graphics and animation is super cool and the transitions are smooth from one location to the next. The controls are very reactive so you will be able to get through the game seamlessly and it gives the feeling that you are actually in the game.

This action-packed game is the perfect game to be able to heighten your tactics in order to successfully complete the missions. It will definitely have you on the edge of your seat and keep you engaged because you will be on your toes, looking left and right (even up and down) to make sure that you do not become a victim of any surprise attack. Your main goal is to end up as the victor and survivor of all the worlds.

If you ever come across difficulties or might be in need of assistance, there is an active community that you can turn to or simply click on the help available on the game itself.

How to play

You start off like most role-playing games, customize your playing avatar and choose the weapon you are most comfortable playing with.

It is a great outlet to let off some steam as it allows you to blow up your enemies. Each set of nemesis brings with it a particular set of challenges that not only get your motors running but requires you to be agile and think on your toes. You will have to use your skills in mapping out your arrow trajectory, and how and when to use the extra skills that you acquired along the way. Your armory is stocked full of different kinds of weapons that will surely satisfy your desire to slaughter anyone that comes between you and your victory.

It includes the bow and arrow, a snipper gun, with plenty of ammo. You can also have combat with the various moves you can do. You will also have an option to decide whether you will craft your own equipment or unlock them. However, in order to be able to craft your equipment, you will need to have the right amount of resources. These can of course be gathered throughout the game. It may take some time, but it will be beneficial and worth it because you can use your unlocking powers for other things that you may need. You have to decide which skill or mode of destruction you will want to develop further because it helps if you focus on that particular objective. Once you have gained mastery of this, it will be way easier for you to face the hoards of zombies and demons that will come at you in great numbers.

With each enemy you successfully slay, you will be able to acquire bonus points and health kits. These definitely come in handy in future levels when death and danger can stalk you at every corner. You can also pick up cool weapons from your slain enemies so it is highly advised to end as many of your opponent's lives as possible.

The various surroundings are unique from each other so you will not get bored with repetitive environments. Each one brings with it an additional element of surprise and challenge as the terrain can be used to your advantage. Armed with your entity map, you will be able to navigate your way around each domain and you can use that view to plan out your course of attack. The game surely allows you to progress on your ability to plan a course of action and perfect different strategies. You can also advance your skillset and make several combinations of attacks.

You have to beware and be aware at all times because enemies lurk at every corner. With each level you complete the number of enemies add, as well. But rest assured that with every kill, you can also improve your own skills and collect additional weapons or equipment. You have to work hard and plan out your moves and develop the equipment that will benefit your gameplay. Destroying your opponents will be done quickly if you are able to utilize the right set of tools and skills that is a suitable fit for your character. Working on your strengths and mastering the many combinations of moves will keep you engaged for hours of an enjoyable game.

It is an exhilarating experience that will absorb you into its world and activate your senses. Defeat every one of your enemies and have impeccable bragging rights in the community. This game is wild in so many ways and you should really give it a try. If you have tried it, share your thoughts in the comment section so others will know about your experience. You can share any tips and tricks or hacks that you may have especially for those particularly tricky levels or any one of those pesky foes.


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