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Bendy in Nightmare Run

Bendy in Nightmare Run
Bendy in Nightmare Run



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    September 27, 2018

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    Joey Drew Studios




Bendy in Nightmare Run is a suspenseful action game where you outrun and beat nasty bullies. In this fast-paced runner game, you'll have to do some skillful dodging, dashing, and attacking to become victorious in your runs. Do you have what it takes to be good at this game? Here's everything you need to know about Bendy in Nightmare Run below if you're up for the challenge.

Bendy in Nightmare Run's official launch took place on August 15, 2018. It was developed and published by TheMeatly Games and Joey Drew Studios. The characters involved in this action-packed runner game are based on the 1930s cartoons created by the one and only Joey Drew Studios.

If you want to get a better feel of this game, here are just some of the compelling experiences you can expect from this Bendy in Nightmare Run!

Do your best to defeat and outrun the nasty bullies 

Your main objective is to outrun the nasty bullies chasing you in the game. Some enemies can be defeated by stomping on them or throwing objects at them. However, not all enemies can be easily defeated, so you'll have to see which strategy works best for your pursuit.

Moreover, do note that these powerful bosses will also launch strong attacks against you, which you'll have to skillfully dodge. But of course, terrifying bullies aren't your only concern as you zoom your way through different levels. You'll also have to be mindful of the multiple obstacles on your path!

Having said that, you'll have to navigate through multiple obstacles and outrun or beat the annoying monsters all at once. Overall, just do your best to keep your distance from these chaotic beings.

Try out different characters in your runs 

Although Bendy is your main companion in this game, you can also do thrilling runs with other equally interesting characters. Aside from Bendy, you'll also get to use Boris the Wolf and Alice Angel. Dive deeper into the game if you wish to unlock these fascinating playable characters! What's more? You can also freely customize these playable characters to your heart's content.

Zoom your way through four exciting cartoon worlds 

Bendy in Nightmare Run consists of four exciting cartoon worlds. Each world contains its own terrifying bosses, namely, Canoodle, Chester, Dewey, and Gaskette. Depending on your current world, you'll have to zoom through bustling roads, jam-packed junkyards, chaotic libraries, and even pirate boats!

Every world is unique in its own way and will pose different challenges for you. Furthermore, each world includes a total of six exciting acts, ensuring that you won't experience a dull moment in this speedy game.

Collect various costumes and weapons 

Do you want to further customize your gameplay to your preferences? Say no more. As previously mentioned, Bendy in Nightmare Run features a ton of collectible costumes, allowing you to customize the overall appearance of your three playable runners.

And aside from collecting fantastic costumes, you can also purchase and obtain extraordinary weapons made for specific runners. Obtain these fun collectibles by earning empty cans of bacon soup, which can be earned by accomplishing various levels in this game.

How to play

As stated above, Bendy in Nightmare is a runner game filled with action and suspense. Think Temple Run, but with 1930s cartoon graphics combined with dreadful enemies chasing you from behind. But although this game looks like a simple runner game, merely running your way through won't get you so far here.

With that said, here's a valuable guide on how to play Bendy in Nightmare Run. Make sure to take note of these gameplay mechanics to become an expert runner player yourself!

Dash, dodge, and jump to avoid enemies, attacks, and obstacles 

The game mechanics in this game involves dodges, jumps, and dashes to avoid several enemies, attacks, and obstacles. So, it should include the basics included in standard runner games. To move to the left lane, just do a left swipe. Meanwhile, doing a right swipe will move you to the right lane.

On the other hand, doing a single swipe upwards will cause your character to jump. Furthermore, you must swipe upwards twice to execute a double jump. These mechanics should be easy to remember, so be sure to take note of them once you start a level or two in this game.

You can kill some little monsters trying to chase you aside from dodging, jumping, and dashing away from different enemies and obstacles. This is where the jumping mechanics definitely come in handy! For instance, if you're running on higher ground, you can squish the minor enemies on the lower ground by jumping right on top of them.

Attack some enemies chasing you using your different weapons 

Jumping on minor monsters isn't the only attack you can do to defeat them successfully. Throughout your run, you also have access to primary but useful weapons to attack these powerful enemies chasing you. These include the following:

 Brick: does single damage to enemies

 Axe: does double damage to enemies

 Anvil: does triple damage to enemies 

If possible, always utilize your anvil when casting attacks toward enemies. You'll be pleasantly surprised how you can surpass challenging levels with ease as long as you perfectly time your attacks. It will take a little bit of practice to master it, but don't worry. You'll surely get the hang of it in no time!

Collect bacon soup cans to purchase valuable abilities and other fun in-game items

As you unlock more cartoon worlds and reach higher levels, you'll notice that the bullies will become stronger than ever. So, make sure to collect plenty of bacon soup cans to purchase valuable abilities and upgrade them to their maximum level.

Bacon soup cans can be obtained by collecting them within the levels you accomplish. Besides using it for useful abilities, it can also be used to purchase various in-game collectibles and unlock brand new runner characters.

But then again, make sure to use your bacon soup cans sparingly. They're essential currency used to unlock different acts in the game. If you don't meet the sufficient amount of bacon soup cans, you won't be able to proceed to the main story.


You'll undoubtedly have a blast playing Bendy in Nightmare Run if you have a knack for dodging, dashing, and counterattacking. And with its unique 1930s black-and-white cartoon graphics, you can experience a one-of-a-kind runner game that will take you back to the past. Now, if you're already a fan of this extraordinary runner game, feel free to share some tips and tricks with new players of this game!


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