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Mario Tennis Aces

Mario Tennis Aces
Mario Tennis Aces



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    June 22, 2018

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Become the Champion at Mario Tennis Aces

Mario Tennis Aces is a coop sports game released by Nintendo in 2018 for the Nintendo Switch. It is the first installment in the franchise to have a storyline after Mario Tennis: Power Tour, made for Game Boy Advance. Mario needs to complete a range of roles in this game to prevent Lucien, a potent tennis racket, from wrecking the game's location, the Kingdom of Bask.

Mario needs to complete a range of roles in this game to prevent Lucien, a potent tennis racket, from wrecking the game's location, the Kingdom of Bask. Although the gameplay engine seems to be based on Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, it adds new strategies to the franchise' classic tennis action. You can fill up a power meter during a battle by gathering the ball is among the game's key elements.

Energy allows players to make time go slower during a game to get the ball easier. By utilizing Special Shots and Zone Shots, it is also occasionally possible to halt time and hurl the ball from a player's vantage point to the opposing end of the court. Those are strong strokes that, if incorrectly blocked, can harm or even destroy the enemy's racket.

Game Modes You Can Play

Mario Tennis Aces is playable in three game modes: Adventure, Tournament, and COM Tournament. Here's a description of each game mode so you can start choosing which one is best suited for you:

 Adventure - A classic Mario game's animations and stages are included in Adventure Component, which serves as the game's narrative mode. It is discovered that the action happens in the old Kingdom of Bask, where Lucien, a mighty tennis racket, shattered long ago. Throughout the game at Marina Stadium, Lucien is reawakened and attempts to take control of Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi. It begins after being found and taken from the Bask Ruins by the mentioned characters. Mario goes on an adventure to save them. 

 Tournament - During tournament mode, characters can compete against the computer of players online from across the world in a bracket of eight other players. Games are sometimes referred to as stages in this context.

 COM Tournament - Players can select to fight for the Flower, Mushroom, or Star Cups in computerized matches. Every cup denotes a varying complexity. There is one qualifying game, a semifinal game, and a final match. A list of good rivals for every cup arises chosen from the roster.

Trick Shots: What they are and How to use them

Certain button combinations can be used to perform trick shots in the game. Each combination will result in different moves before the ball is hit. These moves can get a player ahead of their competitors in the game.

Here are some of them:Drop Shot - Drop shots are lower strokes with hardly any rebound that deliver the ball near the goal. A white streak left trailing the ball indicates that the player made a shot.

 Flat - This trick is known as flats as it causes the ball to go along a linear path without any spin. Compared to topspins and slices, it is considered quicker. A violet streak following the ball indicates the shot. Players may use a different flat to oppose a Max Charge flat.

 Special Shot - The strongest type of shot in the game is the Special Shot. Only after the character's energy meter fills up can it be executed from everywhere in the play area. Special Shots can quickly shatter the enemy's racket if they are not blocked or deflected.

How to play

Before anything else, you must have the Nintendo Switch console to and play this game. You can buy it from the Nintendo eShop or purchase the physical copy game at any authorized Nintendo gaming shop.

Players must hit the tennis ball on each other's court until someone misses, just like in a tennis match. Players that make a great shoot in a regular match receive 15 points; after 40 points, participants will receive a scoring opportunity and must make an additional clean shot to win. The match goes to a tiebreaker when both teams are deadlocked at 40 points. This point means the winning team needs to gain a two-point edge. Each set consists of two matches, and the amount of sets depends on how the match is played. A tiebreaker is utilized to decide the winner if the competitors remain equal during the game.

You can play in singles or doubles, each with two participants. Each match has servers and receivers who alternate places at the beginning of each round. The server must throw the ball from the other half of the court to avoid a mistake. The enemy will get points if you commit a double fault, two errors in a row. Once the tennis ball is served towards the other player, a quick indication of its velocity appears on the monitor on the top part. The enemy will gain points if the ball leaves the field's limits; it must stay there. In singles matches, it is permitted to put the tennis ball on the sides of the court, although this will have the same result.

Players can choose characters, and each has an energy or life meter that they may utilize to execute Special Shots, Zone Shots, or Zone Speed. Trick shots and charging shots need precise time to be executed. These extra moves can help a player's energy meter fill up. When players reach a revolving star position on the ground, they may conduct zone shots, which let them use their joycons to target wherever on the play area. The greater energy players use aiming, the more time it takes. The stroke breaks shape during a Zone Shot once energy is completely drained, sending the ball upwards. A player can use Zone Speed to make time go slower to get to a far strike in time.

Each pair in a doubles match has its single energy meter. If one of the character's rackets breaks in the middle of a match, their team immediately loses the score. Every participant in doubles has their racket tally. It wouldn't matter how many rackets a participant's partner still possesses. As long as one of the players loses all of theirs during a doubles game, their team loses, and the game is over. In the result display, which is unique to doubles, X points are also displayed in the places where a person's racket broke. The X markings are colored appropriately to indicate which competitor caused the other player's racket to be damaged.

That's about enough to get you set for your first tournament! Don't forget to tell us about your adventures in Mario Tennis Aces.


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