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Block Ops II

Block Ops II
Block Ops II



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    Jul 5, 2016

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    154.8 MB

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    Ammonite Design Studios Ltd




Is action- adventure your favorite gaming genre? Are you looking for voxel-based game that can provide exciting gaming experience? Do you love Block Ops yet want some changes to improve the gameplay? If you can relate to any one of these questions, then the game that you need in your life right now happens to be Block Ops II. This First-Person Shooter game is intense and fun. Just like its successful predecessor released back in 2012, this one has almost similar gameplay and premises. However, there are certain major changes made to make the game more user-friendly and interesting. To know about this game and do read on.

Don't get turned-off by the 8-bit-meets-3D vibe of the game! This game will keep you on the edge and test your strategic skills every step of the way. You have place blocks to build your own fortress and team's defense. You aim is to successfully infiltrate the enemy's defenses. This mobile game can provide hours and hours of intense and challenging gameplay. So, the premise of it is simple - you just have to place and destroy blocks according to advance properly in this one.

However, it has simple and easy-to-follow controls, conditions, and rules. So, you will have a great time diving into this unique world and enjoy the gaming experience Block Ops II offers. The game has managed to gain a big following as it comes with many advantages characteristics and features which elevates the gaming experience like:

The gameplay should be mentioned here to provide a detailed description. The makers did not tweak the gameplay as iPhone users all over the whole enjoy this simple and engaging gameplay. The voxel-based sandbox theory seen other popular games like Ace of Spade and Minecraft have been used here mixed with traditional first-person shooting elements with the game mechanics. You will be introduced to multiplayer first-person shooting element in this game where both Team Deathmatch and "Free For All" scenarios. So, you can choose to battle in whichever style suits your gaming style. On different virtual world ranging from a barren desert to frozen tundra you will be up against the bad guys and defeat them to win big and advance smoothly Block Ops II.

How to play

The description mentioned above, hopefully, helped you understand that you will not feel stressed when playing this game. In fact, the game is designed to provide a fun and interesting gameplay that can be enjoyed for hours and hours. Even though the controls and gameplay is kept simple, you will have to play for a couple of hours to get the hang of Block Ops II. This is the reason why most first-time players end up starting the game over to get a better result from the get-go. You can avoid such unwanted action, simply by following the below mentioned steps on how to play it effectively:

Step 1 Once you have the game, you can play it with any hassle. You will be introduced to this brand new virtual world where you will be spending many hours of your day to build and destroy blocks and enemies. The best thing about the game is that it provides prompts along the way. So, whenever you need to pick up a weapon lying on the ground for you, prompts from the game will be seen on the screen. Hence, play according to the prompts for a better and efficient gameplay.

Step 2 You will be shooting the enemy, once you start this type of match. Many first-timers tend to shoot the enemy as much as possible to get most kills and advance in the game. However, veteran players or your own gaming experience of Block Ops will indicate the building blocks to protect yourself from enemy attack is vital for surviving in the match and move on to complete the task at hand. 

Step 3 You progress and total number of kills will be displayed on the screen as well. Make use of the information provided by Block Ops II to ensure you are advancing with strategy. Even though it is a first-person shooter game where you have to rely on your hand-eye coordination to advance, the elements of creating and destroying blocks that has been added requires some sort of clever strategic move from your end. So, advance with a goal to get the desired outcome every time you encounter the enemy.

Step 4 You have to get a certain number of points to upgrade and improve your gameplay which will ultimately help you to destroy every enemy bases presented in the game. So, it is suggested that you keep on playing the same type of matches a couple of times to learn how things work. This will help you to be better prepared when playing the higher levels/matches of the game. 

It has been a long time since the game came up updates. Don't be alarmed by this. The makers do not feel that the game requires any update and hence, is not providing with any. The game is designed to provide exciting gaming experience with all the advantageous features mentioned above. You can definitely kill some time or unwind after a hectic day with some Block Ops II playtime. Once you have it and played the game for a couple of days, do share what your gaming experience was in the below comment section. You thoughts are valuable to other interested players who are looking for tips on how to play it effectively from the very first day. 


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