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LEGO Ninjago Tournament

LEGO Ninjago Tournament
LEGO Ninjago Tournament



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    September 29, 2015

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    MBL Oh




LEGO Ninjago Tournament is an exciting and thrilling game designed by Warner Bros. The game will present you with a setting you will appreciate the most. Ronin, the threat in Ninjago, will grab all the attention throughout. The main evil character looks dominant with his army, known as dark samurai. You will have to face all the challenges and solve puzzles. Ninjas have lost their memories since Ronin has stolen the memory using an ancient weapon. The ancient weapon Obsidian Glaive is with Ronin, and Ninjas will have to regain their memories. Will they be able to restore their memories? What challenges will they face? 

Do you find it interesting? You will have more fun once you start playing. If you love adventure, you will find LEGO Ninjago Tournament worth playing. It can entertain players of all age groups. In this game, Ronin will pose challenges all over, and he will have his army. The army will not make things easier for you. You can try your best to support Ninjas to regain their memories. Without memories, Ninjas cannot do anything. Once Ninjas get their memories, they can reclaim their power. But Ronin will pose challenges, and his army will keep trying to make your journey more difficult. You will have to fight through iconic structures from TV series, including the Toxic Bogs and Ice Temple. There will be a mysterious island, and you need to visit the village of Spinjago. You will find Ninjas in that village since they will be receiving training with Sensei Wu and Grand Sensei Dareth.

LEGO Ninjago Tournament will have many exciting features. It has the powerful obsidian weapon that Ronin has used to steal the memory of Ninjas. You can uncover the truth about these weapons and find ways to enable Ninjas to regain their power. The game will have many classic villains to pose challenges, and you will have to protect Ninja from them. There will be Nindroids, Serpentine, and many more. You will have many cool vehicles, and you can fly, drive, slide, and stomp through levels. You can use bikes, dragons, mechs, or jets. There will be many tools to support your adventure.

You can also use Spinjitzu power in LEGO Ninjago Tournament. It will enable players to unleash elemental tornado and smash the enemies. However, there will be many puzzles, and you will have to solve them if you want to win the game. The graphics are inspiring and can motivate any to play the game and support Ninjas to fight back and regain their memories. Your objective is to enable Ninjas to reclaim their power before Ronin becomes more powerful and develops any new plan. You will have many challenges in the game, but you can strengthen yourself with cool vehicles and weapons. You can use improved controls and switch between casual and virtual D-pad. The game will have touchscreen controls to enable players to have a lot of fun without feeling exhausted.

How to play

Since LEGO Ninjago Tournament is a 3D action game, it will have a lot of actions. Once you start playing, you will have to act fast. There are many things to explore, and you need to progress and support Ninjas. Your objective is to enable Ninjas to regain their memories. You will have to do this regardless of the difficulties that come your way. While playing, you will have to submerge in the LEGO universe, and the universe will take you to a different world. You will have many characters from the animated LEGO series.

The gameplay of the LEGO Ninjago Tournament follows the same genre. There is a virtual D-pad on the left and action buttons on your right. Now, you will have to decide your way. You can hit, block, jump, and attack whenever needed. You will have to try your best if you want to dominate the game. As stated earlier, you will have many characters, including Jay Walker, Kai, Nuckal, and others. Once you start playing, you have to fight against enemies on different levels. Also, the settings will be different on all levels.

You will find LEGO Ninjago Tournament a complete game since it will have everything to entertain different levels of players. You will have to prove that you are the best. You will have to keep yourself ready for all the actions. Also, you will have some special skills, and you will have to know your power and the power of your enemies if you want to solve puzzles and progress fast.

The game will have three levels. These are Dojo, Chen's Island Arena, and the last one is Temple Gallery. You can get training in Gogo to hone your skills. There will be Master Wu to teach some actions. You will know how to jump, attack, move, block, grab, punch, dodge, and use any special move. Get the training fast, and then you can consider entering the Chen's Island Arena. You will have to defeat your enemies with bows, bombs, and melee weapons at this level. This level is the most interesting since it will pose different challenges.

Utilize all your training and unlock your potential to defeat the Elemental Masters. There will be many elemental masters with unique abilities, and you will have to beat them to dominate the game. Are you excited? Do you want more tips to make the adventure easy? If yes, go through the following.

Get the training and hone your skills. Once you enter the second level, your skills can enable you to dominate your enemies. It will have different types of enemies with specific qualities, and training can only support your adventure.

Unlock Your Characters

You will have to unlock and upgrade your characters. You can use Snike, Garmadon, and Mindroid and upgrade them to play with full potential and defeat your enemies.

 Unleash the Power of Spinjitsu

It will enable you to use more powerful weapons and smash your enemies.

Play LEGO Ninjago Tournament in an exciting and adventurous setting. You will love all the actions and challenges. Share your experience and enable beginners to have more fun.


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