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    May 12, 2016

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Doom, the biggest success of a video game of 2016, makes the gameplay of a 23-year-old video game feel fresh. A great game, on the other hand, discovers fresh and interesting methods to improve its strengths while minimizing its shortcomings. Doom excels at the former.

Doom is a first-person shooter game released in 2016 by Bethesda Softworks and developed by id Software. It is the first major entry in the Doom series since Doom 3 in 2004.

As the fighting system emphasizes momentum and speed, the game lets you do moves such as double jumps and ledge climbs across levels of industrial and corporate areas of a Union Aerospace Corporation research facility on Mars and later levels of Hell.

By killing foes, you can obtain health and armor pick-ups. Glory kills is a new melee execution system in which the game will highlight an opponent when enough damage has been delivered to it and enable you to conduct a brutal and bloody takedown, rewarding you with a modest health recovery.

The game has a wide armory of weapons that may be gathered and exchanged freely during the game with no reloading required. Several enemies from the first game return as well.

Many of the levels contain various routes and open sections, allowing you to explore and discover collectibles and mysteries as you progress through them. Many of these collectibles, like weapon modifications, rune abilities, and Praetor Suit upgrades, may be used as part of Doom's progression system.

Weapon modifications are obtained from field drones and enable you to unlock new modes of fire for a variety of weapons, such as explosive shots and different firepower rates and outputs.

Runes move you to a second arena where you must complete a combat challenge to unlock new skills, such as better equipment drops from defeated monsters.

There are various multiplayer modes in Doom, including team deathmatch and its variant Soul Harvest, as well as Freeze Tag, Warpath, Domination, and Clan Arena.

In a multiplayer match, you may also employ power-ups and teleporters. One of the power-ups available is the Demon Rune, which allows you to turn into and fight as a demon. The Revenant, the Baron of Hell, the Mancubus, and the Prowler are the four demons accessible, each with unique skills. The game had nine maps.

Each match awards you with experience points. After you've accumulated enough experience points, you may level up, which unlocks new armor, skins, weapons, and power-ups for you to use.

Both your character and weapon may be fully customized by putting additional skins and colors on them. Additionally, while playing the game, you may earn hack modules, which are special powers that may only be utilized once after being obtained.

There are more than six different sorts of modules. After respawning, Scout shows the locations of all foes for a brief duration, while Vital Signs indicates the health of all enemies. Retribution allows you to follow down your previous attacker by exposing their health and position, while Power Seeker directs you to the game's power weapon pickup. Meanwhile, the Resupply Timer displays the respawn time of the power-up supplies.

How to play

The Union Aerospace Corporation uncovered an unlimited source on Mars that came from Hell itself in an attempt to address an energy issue on Earth. Shortly after the discovery, Olivia Pierce, a scientist corrupted by demonic spirits, began experimenting with the energy that corrupted people beyond recognition or enhanced demons to become even more deadly than before.

A surge of demonic energy swept across the Martian outpost, murdering or corrupting everyone inside. Dr. Samuel Hayden, Chairman of the UAC, is forced to uncover the long-sealed sarcophagus of Hell's ultimate antagonist, the Doom Slayer. With the Slayer awoken, Hell dispatches its most powerful and clever minions to put a stop to him before he shatters any possibility of Hell's lord achieving victory.

DOOM 2016's single-player campaign has 13 main missions, which are described below.

● Mission 1: Rip and Tear

● Mission 2: Know Your Enemy

● Mission 3: Meltdown

● Mission 4: Beginning of the End

● Mission 5: Argent Tower

● Mission 6: Into the Fire

● Mission 7: Hell on Mars

● Mission 8: A Brighter Tomorrow

● Mission 9: Lazarus & Cyberdemon Boss Fight

● Mission 10: Titan’s Realm

● Mission 11: The Crucible & Hell Guards Boss Fight

● Mission 12: I Am VEGA

● Mission 13: The Well, Spider Mastermind Final Boss Fight & Ending

There are certain things you should know about this game if you're a returning fan of the original games or a new fan looking to get in on all of this flash, skull-shakingly dynamic demon slaying for the first time. Doom is unlike almost anything else on the market right now. It's a unique approach in both story and multiplayer.

You'll discover some useful tips and ideas for rampaging your way through the game ahead.

● Upgrade your health and armor 

You must prioritize the appropriate upgrades. In that order, you should focus on health and armor first, then ammunition capacity. Continue cycling through the trio in this manner, and every three caches you locate will improve everything by one level, equitably spread.

It's better to maintain them balanced than to raise one and then have to catch up with the others later, but doing so in this manner ensures that your survival rating is always up to pace with the present scenario.

● Explore, explore and explore Exploration is the key to getting all of the items you'll need to power up. You must understand and embrace the fact that Doom is usually a non-linear game right away. You should examine your map in between combat as there will be a lot of them.

Simply keep rotating your map, analyzing everything you can, and reverse-engineering a logical path between each secret that pings up and your current location. Even if there doesn't appear to be a way to get around it right now, don't worry, because, somewhere, there will be.

● Don't even think about camping

The multiplayer in DOOM is fast. Because it's a multiplayer game focused on quick gameplay, the maps are constructed in such a manner that there's no secure place to camp.

The goal is to become familiar with the maps and then build a running path that keeps you moving over the map. Of course, this means there will be a learning curve since you'll need to play each map several times to memorize power-up spawn places and other details.

We hope you found this article to be helpful and interesting. Please share your ideas and recommendations in the comments section below so that we may all benefit.


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