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Animal Transform:Epic Race 3D

Animal Transform:Epic Race 3D
Animal Transform:Epic Race 3D



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    May 3, 2021

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Are you looking for a speedy racing game that will challenge you every step of the way? Or, are looking for a joyful and fun game that will make your inner child happy? If the answers to these questions are "yes", then you have to give Animal Transform:Epic Race 3D a go! The game can be defined as a racing game where you compete in form of an animal. What sets this game apart from the other racing game is that you are given the ability to transform into different animals while you are running on the track to cross the finish line. The game has more to offer than just a fun and unique gameplay. To know more about this exciting mobile game and how to play it, do read on. 

Don't take the word "Epic" seen in the game's title lightly! The makers truly believe that the game can indeed provide a gaming experience of an epic proportion. The objective of the game is simple. You as an animal have to race along a track that is filled with different obstacles. In order to effectively and quickly overcome the obstacle; you can transform your current animal form into another. You can choose an animal that has the ability or characteristic to overcome the hurdle of the race effectively.

In order to provide a clear description about it, here is an example: Suppose you are running along like a cheetah, when suddenly you faced a river as a form of obstacle. In such a situation it will be wise of you to transform into a shark. Now that you are a shark, you can now cross the hurdle more easily, effectively, and quickly. You are given a lot of different animals to choose from, making the game fun yet challenging. Your choices are:

● Cheetah (to run on land)

● Elephant (to destroy obstacles)

● Shark (to move in water)

● Monkey (to climb walls)

● Eagle (to fly over obstacles)

The game is designed to get your heart pumping and mind racing. In such a fun yet intense gameplay, deciding on the correct animal to transform into becomes challenging. You will be spending countless hours of exciting gameplay once you Some other fun features and qualities of this game are as follows:

● You will be competing in a race with obstacles with other players.

● You can take the help in form of prompts provided by the game. First-time players will get informed by the game which animal they have to transform in to overcome the obstacle in front of them. The interface of this game is simple and user-friendly.

● You have to go through many fun levels with different challenging obstacles. It provides many hours of gameplay and keeps you interested.

● It has easy and simple controls, making the game perfect for all ages.

● The game has stunning visuals. The high-quality 3D effect and advanced graphics allow an excellent gaming experience.

Get yourself ready and try to transform your animal accordingly as per the hurdle in front of you. The speed of the game often takes many new players by surprise. Thus, be on high alert when playing Animal Transform: Epic Race 3D. The next couple of obstacles will be visible. You should take advantage of this to proceed in an effectual manner at the right pace.

How to play

From the description of the game provided above, you can guess that the rules and conditions of Animal Transform: Epic Race 3D are easy-to-follow. However,  then you will be in need of some guidance in order to crack Level 1 in one go. So, learn how to play this game effectively from the very 1st level with the steps mentioned below:

you will see the homepage. You will get information related to your total number of collected coins, settings, and options for upgrading the animals in your collection. You will also notice that there are two other options - Shop and Food. Once you are familiar with where the needed options/buttons are, click on the blinking button which is the start button.

As soon as you click on start, the race or Level 1 will begin. As you or the animal moves forward on the track, you will notice an obstacle in front of you. The obstacle can be form of an old wooden cart, pile of wood, a steam, and so on. Your goal is to transform your animal into another animal that is fitting to overcome the hurdle effectively. 

It is true that you will get only two animals (Cheetah and Elephant) when playing Level 1. However, as you proceed in the game, you will be able to upgrade your animals. You can add new animals in your collection as you proceed through the many levels of Animal Transform: Epic Race 3D.

You have to keep on transforming into the appropriate animal form in order to complete the game before the other players. This is how to win the race and advance to the next level.

After the game ends, you will be given coins. The more levels you clear, the more coins you will be getting. It is very important to improve your gameplay as it will help you to earn more coins. The coins collected are very essential for advancing in the game successfully. You can upgrade or buy animals and do more with the help of the coins.

Animal Transform: Epic Race 3D has provided the gameplay where you can control the speed and efficiency of your collected animals. You can do this by upgradation and feeding your animals "food" found in the Food option on the home screen. You have to buy the food items for your animals with the collected coins. Thus, get as much coin as possible to advance through the different levels smoothly.

This challenging mobile racing game is designed to test your level of concentration and hand-eye coordination. This is one of the reasons why Animal Transform: Epic Race 3D is well-loved by many parents. If you were looking for something challenging yet fun, then this game is for you.  do ensure to share your gaming experience in the below comment sections so that interested players can learn how to play this game to the best of their capabilities.


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