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Hitman Sniper

Hitman Sniper
Hitman Sniper



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    August 24, 2020

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    Sep 9, 2020

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Ready to become the ultimate silent assassin? Then step into Agent 47's shoes in Hitman: Sniper to explore the most riveting sniper experience on mobile. You can execute perfect assassinations on tactical missions in Montenegro and participate in an action zombie challenge in Death Valley. Answer the sniper call now!

Hitman: Sniper is a mobile shooting video game in the Hitman series from Square Enix Montreal. You get to play the role of the game's protagonist Agent 47, by eliminating some bad guys assembled at upscale lakeside compounds in Montenegro. The advantage is that you will be perched on a mountain distant from the building where you take your shots. 

Most of the game will involve taking off one target or the other with your superb shooting skills, but there are different missions and objectives to keep you engaged throughout. 

The perfect assassination kill shot is done without alerting the rich folks' cronies, so you'd have to develop creative ways. For example, eliminating a guard near the pool helps quickly drop them off in the water without raising any suspicion. Better still, you can blow off a rooftop near their stand post to disguise the killing as an accident. The more you can get away with your contract without raising suspicion and the accuracy of your shots, the more points you can land. 

I have always admired the scenes from various Hitman movies. Somehow, taking off different targets and completing contracts in this Hitman: Sniper game. The excitement I felt playing this game can only be likened to the admiration I used to have for snipers in the different Hitman movies. 

What's there not to like about the game? The rifles are one of the most accurate to come out of any Hitman series. I also like graphics and moody music. I recommend using a headset to enjoy the best experience. 

Hitman: Sniper works on a points system, so you get scored for accuracy (try to get as many headshots as possible). Your level of creativity counts too. But here's the fun part. 

Your missions are built around killing one of ten primary targets and a secondary objective. There are over 150 missions and several contracts. As you scale through your missions, you unlock better weapons with special abilities as rewards for completing different activities. 

The main idea of this game is to help you relive the experience you always feel when you watch snipers in various activities and Hitman movies. So, the game is all about attacks, perfecting your shooting accuracy, and problem-solving skills.

The game ends when you kill your primary target, and if you haven't completed other activities, you have failed your mission.

One of my favorite things about the game is that you get the chance to skip missions to unlock powerful weapons. That would cost you, though, as you would have to purchase the in-game currency directly through microtransactions.

But this only happens in the Montenegro mission pack, which has all the targets, missions, rifles, and upgrades in the game. In the other mission pack, Death Valley, your goal is to protect a specific character called Ben from an infinite number of zombies using a unique rifle. To get into Death Valley, you need to complete quest 6 in Montenegro. 

Hitman: Sniper is quite simple, but it gets complex and exciting as you rise through the levels. Just listen to Diana, your handler, and stick to the rules of each mission, and you are good to go. 

How to play

Hitman: Sniper has 11 crucial goals. Thankfully, all the information you need is in the "Goals" menu. As you complete your tasks in Montenegro, you get new goals, and for each goal, you get to open four levels of Info.

As I completed the goals in my quests, I got the details for the weapon to be opened. But that is all thanks to the kind of kit I bought.

A beginners kit has the Info of all goals at level 2, while a gold "Aria" kit has all the Info of all goals at the maximum level.

Shooting To use the shot button, you'd need to enable it in the game settings. So click on the pause icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Next, look for the "Shot Button" and click on the red arrows to select "On." Once you have done this, tap your device's screen to enter the aimed shooting mode. Press the shoot button to shoot once you look into the optical sight.

To shoot without the shot button, turn it off in the game settings by locating it and clicking on the red arrows to select "Off." You then touch the screen anywhere during the game to enter aimed shooting mode. Next, you look into the telescope, tap anywhere inside the scope, and shoot.

But there's a caveat, though.You will run short of bullets at some point, so be prepared to play a mini-game (quick time events)where you'd have to swipe in specific directions as you try to reload your gun without jamming it. 

Killing in Different Ways Coming up with ingenious methods of killing your targets will earn you points. So let's look at your options.

If you like blowing things (another method I love so much), you can shoot an explosive object like an infrared lamp when your target is near it. You could use the "domino effect" when you get one target to hit another target. My favorite way of doing this is to shoot at a glass barrier so that the guard resting on it falls on another.

You can assassinate your targets and make it look like an accident. I use electric shields or some of my weapons skills to do this. One other creative method of dispatching your targets is to shoot them through walls so no one call tell where you are.

Suppose you are like me, then you'd want to get rid of corpses so that your presence is not detected. I often do this by dropping them off ledges so that there is no trace of them.

Getting Game Currency Your game currency here is either Blood Money or Tokens. You can get Blood Money by completing missions in Montenegro. You could also get Tokens in this mode by using weapons with the "Kill Reward" advantage. One other way to get tokens is by playing in Death Valley.

You could also get Blood Money and tokens using real money. Click the "+" button next to the currency in the upper right corner of the screen, and a store with various sets of currency opens.


Hitman: Sniper is quite simple. Just follow Diana's lead and stick to the rules of each mission, and you are good to go. If you want to go far in this game, you've to learn how the rifle works and accumulate enough currency to purchase the right gun part for each mission. 

So have you played Hitman: Sniper before. If you have, let's hear about your experience. If you haven't, ask me any questions you might have.


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