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Bridal Rush!

Bridal Rush!
Bridal Rush!



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    13 May 2021

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    Lion Studios




Do you find yourself glued to the TV set every time "The Bachelor" comes on? Do weddings get you excited? If wedding is your thing, then you should definitely give "Bridal Rush!" a try. This mobile racing game is designed to provide an exciting gaming experience. In the game you are in-charge of a girl character. The protagonist needs to reach her wedding quicker than the other girls in the race. Help her collected the needed wedding themed items found on the crazy track so that she is ready for her big day. If you fall in water, then its game over for you! To know more about this fun game and how to play it, do read on.

Don't let the simple interface and gameplay fool you! This game has gained almost a cult-like following because of its exciting gameplay. Everyone is checking how faster they can finish the race and say those two magical words "I Do" to this animated character that is supposed to be the man of your dreams.

The control of "Bridal Rush!" is very simple. You just have to slide your finger on the screen to make the character move and run in full speed towards the altar. The best part about this game is that it has taken the simple concept of "dress up games" and took it up a notch by providing the fun and competitive element of racing. As you move forward the track, you will notice couple of wedding themed items. You have to then slide your fingers to ensure the protagonist can acquire it and make her outfit on point. 

This is what makes the game challenging. It is not just mindless racing. The game is designed to test your hand-eye coordination. You cannot skip collecting the virtual items places along the track as you will be starting the game in your underwear. Marrying the love of your life in your underwear - How nightmarish! The more items you collect, the more points you will earn in the game. More points will definitely give you the push needed to defeat the other girls in the race who is after your man. There are many other attractive features and characteristics of "Bridal Rush!" like:

● It is a multiplayer game where players from all over the world will be selected by the game to play with you.

● The game is designed to challenge you by making the altar further and further as you advance up the levels. This is where learning how to do shortcut jump in the game will come in handy.

● You can collect gems in this game. Collect as much gem as possible to enjoy another aspect of the game - designing your own bouquet. This adds another layer to the game.

● The designing, graphics, and animation of "Bridal Rush!" is funny yet visually stunning that contributes to a satisfying gaming experience.

● The game is not stressful. The controls, rules, and conditions are kept simple to provide hours and hours of fun and exciting gameplay that will help you relax after a hectic day.

To conclude this description, here it should be added that the game is designed to entertain you. So, do not take it too seriously. It has allowed you to even hit your opponents to take a lead. This will crack you up and make the gameplay more enjoyable.

How to play

With the description mentioned above, you can guess that the game is easy-to-follow and understand. However, many first time players often find themselves in the water quicker than expected. If you do not want to end up in the water and defeat all the other girls to fulfill the goal of the level, then learn how to play the game with the steps mentioned next:

Step 1Once you have the game, you will be able to play it. The first thing you will see that your protagonist is standing in her underwear in front of the starting line of the race track. You will see that there are space to enter you name. You can enter the username you want to have here and click on the "Play" button below it to start the first level.

Step 2While you are running on the track, as mentioned before you will see some wedding dress themed items place along the track. This is where playing the levels over and over again will help as then you will learn how to control the character effectively so that she can collect the items without running in a straight line while avoiding the water surrounding the race track.

Step 3 Learning how to control your character is vital as gems will be placed along the track as well. You have to go through the gems and the items to collect it. Collecting gems as much as possible is highly advice as it will help you to gain more from the gameplay. Gems are used to buy virtual items in "Bridal Rush!". So, they will make your character ready for her big day. 

Step 4 Once you have gone through the 1st level as the winner, you will see that a new item will be unlocked that you can collect from the track. So, winning each level is necessary to keep on adding more items that will help you to complete the bridal look. 

Step 5 Once you have claimed your winnings, you will be guided to the next level which will start immediately. When you are about to start the match you will see on your screen the levels you have to progress along with information which levels will have new items to unlock once cleared. Use this information to your advantage and advance effectively through all the rounds/levels.

The beauty of "Bridal Rush!" is that there is no dull moment when you are playing it. The game is purposely made fun with almost slapstick comedy. This allows for a relaxing, fun, and exciting gameplay. As the controls involve just you swiping your fingers on screen, so within just a couple of levels you can get the hang of things. In couple of hours, you can get to those crazy high levels and be able to challenge yourself to be win the levels in just one go. Once you have the game and played couple of levels of it, do share your gaming experience in the below comment section. Other interested players can learn from your experience and will know how to play it without any first-timer mess-ups.


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