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Fluvsies - A Fluff to Luv Cute Fluffy Pets for Kids

Fluvsies - A Fluff to Luv Cute Fluffy Pets for Kids
Fluvsies - A Fluff to Luv Cute Fluffy Pets for Kids



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    February 15, 2021

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If you are a parent looking for a mobile game for your kid that is safe, entertaining, and educating, then Fluvsies - A Fluff to Luv Cute Fluffy Pets for Kids is your best option. It is hard to find a kid's game nowadays that does not have any violence, sexual, and coarse language references. However, these issues will not be seen in this particular virtual pet game. With it, you child will learn about responsibilities as he/she takes care of the ultra-cute, fuzzy fluvsies after they hatch from an egg. You kid will feed the pet, watch him grow, and play other mini games and be entertained for hours. To know more about this kid-friendly, fun mobile game that can be played offline as well, do read on as a detailed description of the game along with how to play it have been mentioned next. 

Don't think that the simple gameplay won't be able to keep your child engaged. The mobile game is designed to be a collection game where you get to collect all 18 Fluvsies. Your kid will get attached with the gameplay as when you click on the play button you are immediately transfer into a colorful, vibrant, and game which is quite easy to follow. Kids aging between 5 and 8 won't have any problem with playing it on their own.

The game will start with the pet hatching from an egg. In order to make them grow, your kid will be taking care of them and feeding them accurately. There are also options to clothe and play with them, providing a whole new element in the gameplay. Your kid can collect all the Fluvsies and merge two to get a new egg. As your kid on adding new Fluvsies, the gameplay will become a bit different. The eggs will take longer to hatch. The gameplay allows the player to use the buttons and controls to make the egg hatch quickly and properly. Some other fascinating features of the game are:

● With so many eggs to hatch and different Fluvsies to collect, the game manages to be interesting throughout the entire gameplay.

● With the option to dress up your Fluvsies with different clothing items and accessories, your kid will be able to discover his/her creative side.

● Around 18 Fluvsies are available for collecting and each one is cuter and more unique than the other, providing a special gaming experience.

● The graphics is amazing and can highlight this cartoon-style game displays and animations effectively.

One of the best things about this stylized, single player mobile game is that your kid will get access to many different mini games included in the game. There are many different games that are fun and exciting. You kid will love them! However, as a parent you will also appreciate the additions of such games as most of them helps to improve your child's motor skills. Here is an example to make this description as detailed as possible: there is a coloring-in game where the white picture can be filled with colors by tapping on the suggested color palette. Just like this, many other interesting and engaging games are available within the game.

How to play

From the description provided above, now every parent knows how easy and simple the gameplay of this casual, kid-friendly stimulation mobile game is. Beside the gameplay, the instructions and controls are easy to adapt as well. Your child will never be bored when playing this game. Finding a game that can keep your kid busy in safe and entertaining manner is hard. Thus, the makers of the game have purposely added many functions like option to play it offline to eliminate the access to unsupervised advertisement and internet as whole. 

Even though the game is easy, you kid might take time to understand the gameplay which will require your assistance. Hence, next how to play this game has been mentioned in brief to ensure you can help your kid play it right from the first go. 

Step 1:Once your kid the game, he/she will be taken into a cute pink room with egg ready to hatch in the center of the screen. You will see a cute Fluvsies. This will be the game and your kid's very first Fluvsies that he/she can add to the collection. The first task is about feeding your pet. Your kid will figure this out quickly as pictures of all requirements of this fuzzy creature will be shown above the Fluvsie's head. The bottle will appear and your kid has to click on it to feed it to his/her new pet.

Step 2:The mood of your Fluvsie will be visible at the top of the creature's head as well. You should let you child know of all this or help them as they try to figure it out on their own. This is advisable as this will help your child to understand the gameplay better. Just like this you have to play with the cute creature and make him do the tasks accordingly in order for it to grow properly. 

Step 3:As your kid carry on with the task by clicking on the required items on the screen, the game will provide coins and gifts for advancing. Encourage your kid to collect as many coins as possible as the coins are useful for buying eggs, dressing items, and different power ups within the game. The more coins your kid has, the better the gaming experience will be for him/her.

Step 4:There is an option to score coins in this game by playing the mini games provided. The game feels authentic and personal as the mini games will be played via your cute pet only.

Step 5:Keep on adding coins and buying eggs and other items for your Fluvsies. Once your kid collects around 2 Fluvsies, the merging chamber or device will be introduced. As mentioned before, you can merge different Fluvsies to create new egg and thereby get more Fluvsies to add to the collection.

It is that type of game that can keep your kid's attention with fun gameplay and stunning, brightly-colored cute world filled with many different adorable, fuzzy Fluvsies. Once you and your kid enjoyed the game for couple of hours, do share your kid's gaming experience in the below comment section. Your advices and tips can help out other parents whose kids are interested in this game. You can help other parents to know how to play this game and let their kid enjoy this fun virtual pet game to the fullest. 


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