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Hay Day

Hay Day
Hay Day



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    July 6, 2021

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    Supercell Oy

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    July 1, 2021

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    Supercell Oy




Hay Day: A Cozy Farm Life in Your Virtual Country Paradise

Hay Day is a relaxing simulation game that lets you experience the cozy farm life in your very own virtual country paradise. By playing Hay Day, you can build your farm, grow crops, take care of different farm animals, and do other calming farm-related tasks in the game.

Are you fond of farm simulation games? If you're interested in playing this game, here's everything you need to know about Hay Day below!

Hay Day was developed and published by Supercell. It was officially launched to the public on June 21, 2012, and can be played on iOS and Android devices. If you want to get a glimpse of what it's like to play Hay Day, here are some of the fantastic experiences you can expect from this game:

Explore through four exciting playable areas 

Hay Day includes a total of four exciting playable areas. Although your farm is your main playable area, you also get access to three extra playable areas in the game. These areas include the fishing lake, town, and valley! All of these places include fun, vibrant graphics that will keep you in a cheerful mood as you care for your very own country paradise.

However, do note that you can only visit these areas once you reach a particular experience level. So, make sure to grind as much as possible if you want to explore these fun, playable areas! Once you've unlocked the other playable areas, you can get more ways to earn coins, experience, and other valuable in-game resources.

Upgrade and decorate your cozy farm to your heart's content 

Your farm, your choice of decorations! Aside from upgrading your farm to further expand it, you can also decorate it the way you want. After all, Hay Day includes numerous decorative items that will make your farm look stunning.

Whether you want cute animal statues or special decorations that will make your farm stand out, Hay Day is loaded with numerous options for decorations. Thanks to that, you can easily show off your personality through the design of your farm!

Cultivate a wide variety of crops, trees, and bushes on your delightful farm

This peaceful farming game includes a wide variety of crops. So, feel free to choose from the numerous crops available within your reach! Particular crops can be planted in fields, while others will grow as trees or bushes. Feel free to choose your crops based on your preferences or needs.

Take care of various farm animals and pets 

A farm cannot be a farm without its adorable farm animals and pets! Some farm animals you can care for include chickens, cows, goats, and even some friendly honey bees. And if that isn't enough for you, you can also take in lovable farm pets, including bunnies, cats, dogs, and donkeys.

Form a happy community with your friends and neighbors 

Hay Day includes a neighborhood feature, an exciting game feature that allows you to connect with fellow virtual farmers! By starting a neighborhood, you can begin trading crops and goods with your neighbors.

Moreover, being in a neighborhood also presents an opportunity for you to exchange valuable tips with them as well. Aside from that, you can also participate in the weekly derby with your neighbors to obtain various in-game rewards!

How to play

Hay Day is a very casual game, so its game mechanics are expected to be pretty simple to understand. Furthermore, you can talk to Hay Day, a talkative and helpful scarecrow that will guide you throughout the game's mechanics once you gain access to them.

But if you're still struggling to navigate your way through the game, here's a helpful guide on how to play Hay Day below:

Tend your farm by planting different crops and caring for different animals

Of course, you'll need to regularly tend your farm if you want to progress in the game. As stated above, you can go ahead and plant your selection of fruits and vegetables on your farm. To plant field crops, you can plant them in the available fields on your farm. Make sure to remember that one planted crop yields two harvested crops.

As for the trees and bushes, you can go ahead and place them anywhere on your farm. However, you will need to replace bushes and trees since they die after being harvested multiple times. You can purchase fields, trees, and bushes in the game's designated shop.

Besides growing crops, you can also care for different animals to produce valuable animal goods! Some of the goods you can produce on your farm include eggs, bacon, wool, fish fillet, and the like. Make sure to care for your farm animals by regularly feeding them! That way, your farm can produce and sell premium animal goods.

Trade with visitors and utilize your farm's roadside stand to earn stars and coins

Once you've harvested your crops and got your animal goods, you can start selling them in your farm's very own roadside stand. Your roadside stand allows you to sell your goods at prices you want to sell them for. If you want to sell a particular good, just click on any blank crate to create a sale.

Alternatively, you can also trade goods with other visitors who might need some of your farm's available goods. And depending on their offer, you can freely accept or reject it.

Successful trades or sales allows you to earn stars and coins. Coins are used to purchase decorations, crops, animals, and other valuable in-game items. On the other hand, stars increase your experience level in the game.

Manage and organize other parts of your farm to earn additional coins and stars

Accepting orders and selling or trading goods is a great way to earn coins and experience in the game. But of course, there will be particular instances where you will need more to progress through the game.

Fortunately, there are other means in the game that allows you to earn more coins, stars, and other in-game resources! These methods include the following:

 Go fishing in your farm's fishing lake

 Filling orders from town visitors

 Interacting with other players in the valley 

Overall, Hay Day is loaded with tons of options for you to earn your much-needed coins and stars. So, don't forget to visit these other game features if you ever lack these valuable resources!

Participate in the derby to earn more resources and exclusive rewards

Hay Day's derby consists of limited in-game events that take place in neighborhoods. You can only participate in derby events once you reach experience level 18. During derby events, you will have to accomplish a mixture of limited and non-limited tasks to earn derby points.

Earning more derby points allows you to move up to the game's leaderboards. Naturally, earning a higher spot in the leaderboards gives you more horseshoes. Horseshoes can be traded for different rewards, such as farm supplies, exclusive decorations, diamonds, expansion permits, and more.

If you want to experience what it's like to run a farm without all the hassle that comes with it, this peaceful and vibrant game is here to offer you just that. Overall, Hay Day is an excellent, stress-free game you can play if you need to unwind after a long, busy day. Now, if you're already a player of this game, feel free to share some of your experiences in this game with other players!


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