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    February 2, 2021

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As a custodian, the valkyries have sent your soul to the tenth Norse world, where you must journey to the far reaches of the realm, from the darkest forest to the greatest mountain peak, defeating mythical and legendary creatures dreaded even by Odin himself. To prove yourself to the Allfather, you'll make strong weapons, construct impregnable fortresses, and sail longships into the horizon, and you'll very surely die trying.

Valheim is a sandbox survival game developed by Iron Gate Studio and released by Coffee Stain Studios. It was published in early access for Linux and Windows through Steam on February 2, 2021, and is scheduled for release for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S in 2023.

Valheim is a third-person survival game that takes place in an open world. To survive, you must create equipment, establish shelters, and combat enemies as fallen Vikings. The game has low-resolution stylized 3D visuals and an action-game-inspired fighting system. Cooperative gaming with up to ten individuals is available, as well as optional PvP gameplay.

After you've created your Viking character, you make a randomly generated environment using a map seed. Meadows, the Black Forest, swamps, mountains, plains, seas, the Mistlands, the Deep North, and the Ashlands are among the biomes found on each world. Each biome has its own set of monsters, items, and bosses that affect the difficulty of surviving in that area. Valheim follows a 24-hour day/night cycle in-game.

To survive, you'll need to gather natural materials from all around the environment, which you may do via scavenging, hunting, mining, or farming. Shelters, tools and equipment, and weapons are all made with these materials and will help you in your journey of surviving.

You have a health meter that is depleted by opponent strikes or heavy falls, as well as a stamina meter that is depleted by actions such as sprinting and striking. You can consume food to restore both bars. Depending on the variety and quality of the food consumed, this can not only replenish health and stamina but also temporarily enhance the amount of each.

A skill-level system is also used in the game, which goes from blocking, attacking, parrying, running, and much more. Each skill has varied effects on the gameplay mechanics and may be leveled up to 100. The spears skill, for example, determines how much damage you can deal with spears, the same goes for other types of weapons, while the running skill determines how much stamina costs when sprinting, and so on.

One- and two-handed weapons, shields, bows, and spears are all used in combat. You may travel around the various biomes on foot or on specially made boats, which vary from rafts to various Viking longships.

The main goal of the game is to defeat the five bosses that are scattered around the game's biomes. To spawn each boss, you must go to their altar and make an offering of a specified item. When a boss is defeated, a collectible trophy is dropped, which may be put on a central altar for a special power-up. You can utilize power-ups endlessly, but you must wait a short time between uses.

How to play

Valheim is a massive fantasy kingdom based on Norse mythology and Viking culture that you may explore.

You begin your journey in Valheim's relatively calm center. The more you wander out from the center, the more difficult the world gets. However, you will discover more precious materials that may be used to create more lethal weapons and armor. You'll also construct your own Viking fortresses and outposts throughout the globe. You must build a mighty longship and travel the broad oceans in quest of exotic places, defeating the game's primary five bosses along the way.

Despite the fact that Valheim is still in Early Access, gamers are rushing to the co-op Viking survival game to create weapons, sail longships, and create a rather stylish fortress. You'd be understood for feeling a bit intimidated when you first set foot in the Viking afterlife because there's so much to do in the vast and wide land.

There's a lot of learning in this often brutal survival sandbox, whether you're tackling it alone or with friends. So, without any further ado, here are some Valheim hints to help you navigate the tenth Norse land more easily.

● For more resources, explore different worlds

You may take your character to any Valheim world you choose without losing stats or equipment, which is incredibly helpful to know from the start, even if you like to stay to the first server you access.

You should absolutely make use of this later on while collecting resources. You can't seem to locate any stones around your base? Maybe there aren't enough deer? Then return to the main menu and select a world that contains several of these resources. You'll have a decent supply of all the resources you'll need to make materials this way.

● Manage your inventory 

You only have 32 spaces in your inventory, and your armor, clothing, and equipment take up several of them. There is a shortage of space. You'll soon be bothered by your weight.

Simply take everything you require to achieve your next objective. It's good to be prepared, but having four piles of stone when all you need is some coal isn't ideal. Keep in mind that there are some items you'll always require, such as wood for construction or food to eat, but don't become a hoarder. Concentrate on what you require at the moment.

● Acknowledge boss summoning

Nobody likes to be handed over to a boss before they're ready to battle. Boss summoning is a simple technique that generally involves placing two linked trophies at a certain altar. It's an all-out battle for survival after the boss is called.

Each boss has a unique summoning mechanism, and there are even some difficult-to-find bosses in the game.

● Repair is free

You'll spend a lot of time in Valheim cutting down trees, digging for ore, and fighting monsters. All of that effort will wear down your armor, tools, and weapons. You may assume that, like everything else in the game, repairing would be costly. That isn't the case at all! Any armor, tool, or weapon may be repaired for free at a forge and workbench.

Take any object to the forge or a workbench to be repaired. Select the hammer icon next to the crafting list from the crafting station's menu. A broken item in your inventory will be entirely repaired with each click. Continue clicking until everything is repaired. 

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