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Code Vein
Code Vein



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    September 27, 2019

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If you’re looking for a unique video game to pass the time, you’re in the right place. You’ll get to control a “vampire” with unique strengths and weaknesses.

This article will focus on how Code Vein becomes appealing to the gaming community.

Code Vein Features Many elements make Code Vein unique and fun to play. In this part of the article, we’ll discuss those gaming mechanics.

● Anime Themed: From the start, you’ll notice that the aesthetic of the video game resembles anime fundamentals. Therefore, you’ll see multiple characters with big eyes, unrealistic hair, and high-pitched screaming. At the same time, they follow the manga (comics) way of story-telling. Hence, there are tons of dialogue with many plot twists. You’ll like Code Vein even more if you’re already familiar with these themes.

● Cooperative: In this video game, you’ll get the opportunity to play whenever you like with a friend. Depending on the communication and how much each player knows how to play, you might make unique combos. Overall, no matter what you’re playing, it is always best when you’re sharing the experience with someone else. 

● Character Customization: Sometimes, you can jump right into the action with the main character and learn what is happening. Instead, within Code Vein, you’ll get to customize how you’ll look on the battlefield. Hence, you can add all the extra features until you are comfortable with your choices. Most noteworthy, you have the freedom to mold something that resembles your physique or go wild with all the options. Remember that when you’re playing with a friend, they’ll get to see your avatar.

● Soul-Style Game: Too many players welcome the challenge of any video game that follows this methodology. Above all, you’ll notice the difference when almost every enemy can get the opportunity to steal your health with a couple of hits. Therefore, you’ll need to move with caution and learn to control the encounter. Besides the multiple fights, you’ll discover that you earn “souls” when you defeat any threats. This in-game resource helps you increase your character level and repair your equipment.

● RPG Elements: The “Role-Playing Games” have a special place in the gaming community. This genre lets you “build” your character as you see fit and assign you a role. For example, you might feel comfortable dealing with range attacks and moving away from your enemies. As a result, you’ll change the characteristics of your main character and help it aim better or move faster. Following this principle, you can also look for unique ways to make your champion unique and fun to play. Last but not least, you might want to approach a different build when you make another character.

As you can already tell, many gaming mechanics make Code Vein one of its kind. Additionally, if you feel that sometimes it turns too tricky, you can always ask any friend for assistance. Moreover, if you’re up to the challenge, some DLCs add more bosses with special attacks and characteristics. 

How to play

Learning How to Survive Sometimes, things might turn incompressible with all the elements you find in a game. Code Vein is not an exception, and you’ll soon discover multiple ways to build your character.

This article will give you different hints to make that learning process a lot easier. Therefore, you’ll have more time to have fun with the best things within Code Vein.

Tips and Tricks for Code Vein

● Explore Everything: Whenever you see a different path that deviates from the main road, you might want to give it a chance. You’ll also find more monsters as you look at Code Vein’s different environments and details. In other words, you’ll get the opportunity to “farm” more experience and unique items. When you reach the boss, you’ll have enough resources to make things easier for you.

● Learn what Gifs (passives/skills) to Unlock: Since Code Vein comes with RPG gaming mechanics, you can make your character unique. Moreover, to follow a specific archetype, you’ll need to activate the right Gifs for your champion. Above all, look for those options that enhance the potential of your weapons and game style. If you have doubts about what to activate, you can search for guides on the Internet and avoid wasting resources.

● Protect Your Haze (souls): Like any other “Souls-style” game on the market, you could lose your Haze if you’re not careful. After you defeat an enemy, you’ll get little amounts that you can use to increase your level or repair your equipment. Moreover, if you die before spending anything, you could lose all of your progress.

● Increase the Right Stats: Following the same principle as your Gifts, you should focus on those stats that make things easier for you. Indeed, depending on the weapons that you have in your hands, one or different stats can enhance their effectiveness in a battle. Furthermore, you might spare some points if you have low health or poor stamina in your character.

● Become Familiar with the Hints Menu: If you find it tedious to browse the Internet when you see something complicated, it is a great alternative to look within the Hints Menu. Indeed, the game itself comes with tons of information on critical elements of Code Vein. As a result, you can find your answers without too much hassle.

● Hit and Retreat: Remember that every hit the enemy lands on you will complicate things. Overall, if you see a new type of threat, hit once and move away. Learn how it defends itself and predict weak spots that might give you advantages.

● Revisit Old Maps: After you pass through all the enemies, defeat the boss, and continue with the story, you always have the option to return. Sometimes, you can find NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) that could give you side-quests with exciting rewards.

As you can already tell, everything that you’ll discover on Code Vein is not that difficult to understand. Above all, the more you play the game, the more familiar you’ll get with the unique concepts.

Have fun!


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