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    April 10, 2020

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Without a doubt, one of the greatest games from this gaming era. Minecraft is a sandbox game that features multiple ways to have fun. Within a couple of minutes, you’ll learn how challenging Minecraft might become as you travel across the map. As a result, you’ll get lost in this virtual world through your gaming sessions.

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have as a video gamer, everyone is welcome to try. Indeed, due to its basic controls, different game modes, and multiple ways to explore. Overall, the community has something.

One of the elements that made Minecraft unique is the game’s presentation. Somehow, it resembles the old “Lego” building style. Therefore, you grab pieces from the virtual world and place them to make something new.

Additionally, thanks to these in-game graphics, less powerful gaming devices can load and run the game without any trouble. Furthermore, with the aid of the engine, you’ll soon discover that you can play in an “endless” world.

Lastly, thanks to the constant updates from the developers, we always find something new. Sometimes with little changes, we can discover how everything turns into something different. Indeed, giving you a good replay value.Once you load the map, you’ll soon discover that you’re alone inside a virtual world. After you learn how the controls work, the next thing to discover is how you interact with everything. Overall, have no fear, even if you make the wrong steps, you’ll soon discover your potential.

Indeed, as you manage to survive the first night, the next part of the game is to start your adventure. As you move through the ground and mountains you’ll discover different “Biomes.” When you look deeper, you’ll notice that different monsters or tiles appear in specific parts of the map.

The more you progress in the game, the more elements you’ll get to acquire in your inventory. Moreover, one of the essential gaming mechanics of Minecraft is to mix things up and build something new. Therefore, you might get the chance to make powerful weapons or sturdy defenses.

In games like Minecraft, you’ll always learn something new when you play through your gaming sessions. 

At the moment, you have the chance to see the game on every main console, PC, and mobile. In other words, you can load the game in pretty much everywhere. Most noteworthy, you can even access your virtual worlds on the go with a Mobile device, the Nintendo Switch, or the new SteamDeck.

Indeed, depending on the device that you’re using to play Minecraft, the controls might change. Still, though, since these gameplay elements aren’t that complex, you can learn them quickly. 

Thanks to the success of Minecraft, there are always new ways to explore the video game with each gaming session. Furthermore, thanks to its simplicity, you can always ask any of your friends (or family members) to play with you. 

How to play

Loading any game from the first time might take some challenges. Especially if you have many options and you don’t know how to start the right way. Indeed, Minecraft gives us the freedom to play in many great modes, but it might become confusing for a new player.

In this article, we’ll give you some hints that can guide you in playing Minecraft with your rules.

In this part of the article, we’ll show you each step that you’ll need to make when you run the game for the first time. Indeed, if you already know some of the tips, you can skip them and learn from the next point.

· Design Your Character (Profile): As you move through the main menu, you’ll notice that you’ll get the option to make your character. Within Minecraft, there are multiple choices and combinations for you to discover.

· Choose Your Game Mode (Worlds): In this part, you’ll have the chance to pick between a “Create” or “Survival” world. Both of these elements come with their unique characteristics (which we’ll discuss later).

· Select the Difficulty: Depending on your experience with Minecraft (or video games in general), you can increase/decrease the difficulty. Overall, it affects how much the hunger/health bar regenerates by itself.

· Configure Your Controls: Sometimes you might be using a gaming device that has access to multiple types of gamepads or other peripherals. Therefore, check the configuration menu and look if they are working properly.

· Look for Necessary Resources: As you finish making/loading your new virtual world, explore what you see on your screen. Sometimes you’ll get the opportunity to gather resources from trees, stones, or even the ground.

· Build a Shelter: To survive the first night, you must build a “little house” as soon as possible. As a result, you’ll have some defenses that will protect you when there’s no light outside.

· Make New Stuff: Try to collect more items as you move across the map. Sometimes, you’ll get the opportunity to craft something new with random resources.

· Continue Your Adventure: The rest is up to you, as you know in Minecraft you can explore everything that you see. Learn from the interaction between other creatures and how to make yourself more powerful.

Game Modes

Some of the famous ways to play Minecraft appear in this list:

· Create Mode: In this method, you have everything in your inventory (with infinite amounts). Nothing can hurt you and the next thing to do is to start being creative.

· Survive Mode: The “Classical” Minecraft more where you alone need to face the virtual world. You’ll need to keep your character alive and learn how to improve your defenses.

· Multiplayer Mode: Grab your friends and family and start a private server with the virtual world that you want to build. Additionally, you can even meet new people in any public realm.

Now that you have a clear idea of what to do when you load Minecraft, what comes next is up to you! Have fun!


Reviews (28)

  • NOAHTHEBOI 4 Aug,2022
    I love Minecraft
  • Lunar_Wolf 28 Jul,2022
    i think its great and i reccomend it
  • Freeman 24 Jul,2022
    It’s the best game I’ve ever played
  • Ellie 24 Jul,2022
    The best ever I love it my friends too

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