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    October 2019

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    DAB3Games made this game.




Killer.io: A Sneaky Halloween Game

Killer.io is a Halloween-themed game where you need to sneak out from the survivors. It is a multiplayer simulation game where you act out as a killer and you should kill as many people as you can without getting caught. It is a strategy game where you should outnumber your opponents. It is based on another sneaking game, Party Hard.

The role of the killer is based on classic horror and thriller movies. But as soon as the game developers have seen the character's potential in becoming interesting in games, the identity of a killer was incorporated into a video game. It became more interesting as it is played online together with other people from other places around the world. 

Killer.io has almost the same gameplay as the other sneaking games. It creates a horrifying game with close calls between the killer and the survivors. You need to kill more than the other players by the end of the game. Since your goal is to kill without getting caught, the bodies you have killed should be hidden so you wouldn't get caught. 

When you start the game, you will find yourself at a Halloween party where you will start killing the party guests. It gives you the chance to be a killer. Since it is an online game, you will be competing with other players around the world online. As soon as you join the social gathering you will be joined by the other players.

In each match, your kills will be counted and compared to the kills of other players as the game ends. You and the other killers will be in different places with a lot of people. Try to kill as many as you can without being caught. It is important to keep the body as soon as you killed them. To keep the bodies away from the game, you need to throw them out into a body bag.

The game runs for about 2 and a half minutes so you need to search for someone to kill in a place where no one is around. Weapons for killing can be found anywhere in the area so you need to keep them and use them on attacking people. If someone sees you killing, they will be calling the police to take you away which will make you lose the game time. This will be a chance for your opponents to kill people more than you. 

After the game, you will be earning coins that you may use for your character to end up in a higher place once a game ends.

Since it is a .io game, Killer.io is a free-to-play online game. Most .io games use a browser, but there are also .io games where you only need to a game app to start playing. You will only need minimal controls to finish the entire game. Usually, .io games have minimal graphic requirements compared to other 3d games available online.

How to play

You will start the game at a party with a big crowd. The match opens when everyone at the party starts hanging out. You will be able to walk around to search for potential victims by using the game controls on the screen. Look for a target who goes alone. These people are usually those who stepped out from the crowd to smoke. As you approach your target, attack him while no one is watching and keep it hidden in a place where no one can see it. 

To play the game perfectly, you need to master discreet killing to have more kills than the other players. You also need to stay away from crime scenes, since the party guests might call the cops and treat you as a suspect.

The game controls are easy. Just use the arrow keys on your screen to move where you want to go. You need to get the weapons as you search the area for your possible targets. These weapons include guns, melee weapons, knives, and other things that you think you may use on attacking your target. 

When you win a battle, you will be receiving coins that you will use in upgrading your character. You may use your coins to learn new skills in the killing. With this game, you can also look for other ways how you can kill people in less than 3 minutes. 

Killer.io has addictive gameplay, especially if you are playing with other people online. You can have as many victims as you want as long as you would not get caught by other people. The multiplayer game transforms you into a killer. When you kill people, you will only leave traces of blood but not the body. 

If you are wondering about your privacy, getting and playing this game from Playstore is safe since the game developer designed the game not to collect any data or share your personal information on third-party apps. Aside from Android, you can also play the game on your browser. Just search for Killer.io on your search tab. However, playing on a browser will not guarantee your data safety. 

The game from both Android and browser goes almost the same. The only difference is the controls that you will be using. If you are on your Android device, you will need to use the controls as displayed on the screen. If you are using a browser on your pc, you will be using your keyboard to control your character. 

The game can be played for free. You can play it on full screen on both pc and Android devices. However, there are times that a notification will appear on your Android device's screen. If this happens, just rotate your device and it will automatically correct the orientation of the screen. If it did not, just refresh the page to play again. 

If you enjoyed this sneaking and killing game or you need questions about playing, just comment on the box below.


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