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Cars: Fast as Lightning

Cars: Fast as Lightning
Cars: Fast as Lightning



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    December 24, 2020

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Cars: Fast as Lightning is an exciting and fast-paced game designed for those who love to explore games on their smartphones. While playing this game, you will find yourself fully immersed in the world of cars from outstanding tracks in Radiator springs. You can customize tracks, complete thrilling tasks, unlock new features, and earn coins. Anyone, regardless of age, would love to explore Cars: Fast as Lightning since you can have your favorite cars with some new characters. You can add your friends and race against players on different tracks and earn more.

The game will have a lot of excitement and adventure. You can perform well in races, build a town, and complete complex tasks. This racing game has many genres, and you can discover new features while progressing further. You will have many customization options that you can consider to make your game more exciting. Once the game starts, you can pick any car, and it will be Lightning McQueen versus Mater by default. You will find yourself racing along a track, and the McQueen will guide you and will not compete until you unlock him. You cannot unlock him immediately since he will be the last in unlockable Cars characters. 

The customization feature will enable you to customize your racing car, and you can upgrade it to boost its speed and performance. Moreover, you need to build things on the racing track and in Radiator Springs. While progressing further, you can unlock more cars, and cars will enable you to have more coins. With more game coins, you can have many building elements. Apart from all these advanced features, you will appreciate its visually appealing cartoons. The music is corresponding, and it will create a favorable gaming environment. There will be twenty playable characters in this game.

In Cars: Fast as Lightning, all the cars will have to build racing tracks, and you can control your racing car only with braking, ramping, and acceleration. The unique feature of this action-packed game is that it combines racing and town building, and you will have to be multi-tasking to perform well in both. Moreover, you will find the gam mechanism easy to follow. You will have to hold down the virtual pedal to loosen and accelerate during the game. However, there will be some tap to boost the speed and pass the obstacles. 

You will have to earn coins in this game like other racing games. But there will be many ways to gain game coins.

You can earn them during racing and building, but you will have to buy some stunt tracks with hard currency. Once you progress through chapters, you can unlock new items and characters. You will have to store buildings in Radiator Springs, and each will result in rewarding coins. You can have more rewards by constructing many buildings, and you can expand your town using those rewards. You can build unique buildings and get more game coins. You will have to progress in the game and race against different opponents, and every success will enable you to earn game coins.

How to play

Cars: Fast as Lightning is a challenging and action-packed game, and you will have to play intelligently to perform well in racing and building. It uses leading racing characters to make the game more fun and exciting. You can customize the town with decorations and new buildings, and you will earn game coins with every success. You can use those coins to acquire new constructions and upgrade your racing cars. You can customize the town and race tracks, and also, you can unlock more tracks while progressing through the game. You can use hills and curves during upgrades. You can use those road pieces to play tricks during racing.

Moreover, you can try different things to dominate the game. You will have many features, including boosting, gaining XP, performing tricks, and boosting starting to create a favorable playing environment. Once you gain XP, you can move to the next level and unlock new decorations and buildings. The controls will be super easy with simple taps. While playing, you can pay attention to the difficulty level. Each racing car can measure the difficulty level from one to four, and you can measure the difficulty before starting the game.

The game will have supportive elements, and you can perform better with experience. Know the game requirements and assess the difficulty level before planning the next step. Do not feel bad if you miss anything, and keep going further. You can recover fast if you do not repeat the mistake, and you can earn coins when you cross successfully.

Do you find Cars: Fast as Lightning a bit challenging? Do you want to know how to win the game? If yes, check the following and get the tricks to play well and win the game.

Step One: Know the Value of Coins

You will have to earn coins since they can upgrade your vehicle and offer elements to build your town. With more game coins, you will have better possibilities to dominate the game.

Step Two: Upgrade before Racing

When the difficulty level is more than two, first, you can upgrade your vehicle. After upgrading, you can start racing, but you will have to spend coins for upgrading, and you will have to make sure that you have enough game coins to support your adventure whenever needed.

Step Three: Complete Quests

You will find quests on the left side of the screen when you will not be racing. You can complete those quests and gain coins and experience to perform well during your game. These quests can help you to understand the game, and you can perform better next time.

Cars: Fast as Lightning game can enable you to explore many things, and you can race cars, build your town, unlock cars, paint and upgrade them, and build your tracks. You can have plenty of racing cars and enjoy many adventures.

Play the game and share your experience to enable beginners to perform better. Your game strategies can benefit others.


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