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Just Cause 4

Just Cause 4
Just Cause 4



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    December 5, 2018

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    59 GB

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    Square Enix




Become the Architect of Your Entertainment

Open World video games always give you opportunities to experiment with your imagination. When you see tons of icons on a map, you’ll know there are opportunities to unfold.

This article will give you tons of suggestions about what you can do within Just Cause 4.

What Can I Do Inside Just Cause 4?

● Follow the Main Story: To uncover all the secrets and plot twists of the events in this video game, you’ll need to complete the main missions. As you move towards this objective, you’ll get the opportunity to “liberate” parts of the island from your enemies. Additionally, you’ll unlock better gear and powerful weapons.

● Complete Side Missions: When the developers want to add more activities to any video game, they use this tool. As you complete missions from the main story, you get the chance to “meet” people and form alliances. Occasionally these NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) will give you some requests and rewards when you complete their tasks. Still, though, these quests might become repetitive or “soulless.” But, you always have the option to skip them altogether. Overall, it depends on how much time you want to dedicate to the game and if the rewards are worth your time.

● Destroy Enemy’s Territories: One gaming mechanic that makes Just Cause 4 unique is the ability to destroy critical buildings. Indeed, with the assistance of a couple of bullets or some grenades, you’ll get to see powerful explosions. Furthermore, you’ll earn more “Heat” and reduce the control of the military units. Overall, this is an in-game activity that is constant throughout the entire island. At the same time, it becomes difficult as you progress through Just Cause 4 and find more robust defenses. 

● Find “Easter Eggs”: You can always look for extra activities when you realize that violence isn’t what you need right now. Overall, when you acknowledge the freedom you get in an open world, you might try to get creative. This time around, you could spend a couple of gaming sessions using your movement abilities and explore the entire island. Furthermore, you may get the opportunity to discover hidden secrets or Easter Eggs on special occasions. For example, there’s a unique gun lying on the floor, which lets you turn every NPC in the game into a cow when you shoot them. 

● Try Every Vehicle: Travel through the cities and “borrow” all the cars that appear on the streets. Stroll within the nearest beach and hijack the closest boat that might appear on your screen. Lastly, use your grappling hook to glue yourself to an enemy’s helicopter and take it for a ride. When you play Just Cause 4, you have tons of ways to experience multiple vehicles with unique characteristics. 

● Make Some Havok: Use your tools on any NPC or virtual animal that appears close to you. Get creative with the abilities that you have at your disposal.

The fun never stops in Just Cause 4. Get wild!

How to play

Flying and Shooting When a video game gives you the freedom of jumping around and becoming creative in a battle, everything becomes more fun. Instead of the boring point-and-shoot, in Just Cause 4, you can change the battlefield with the assistance of your gadgets.

This article aims to share all those tools that will help you surpass any encounter.

Just Cause 4 Hints and Tricks

● Experiment with the Grappling Hook: Check what happens when you press the button quickly or when you hold it. Move around as you throw the hook through multiple surfaces. Furthermore, look at how it can help you navigate as you activate the parachute, which lets you fly for a while. One key gaming mechanic in Just Cause 4 is how useful this tool can become to engage/disengage in a battle.

● Learn How Each Weapon Works: To remain relevant in a long battle against the army, you’ll need to master different guns. Even though you might get ammunition when you kill an enemy, sometimes it isn’t enough. As a result, you’ll need to drop your equipped items and look for alternatives. Indeed, this “feature” makes any encounter less monotonous, which gives your more opportunities to be creative.

● Become Familiar with the Supply Drop: If you have an available pilot, do not hesitate and order something helpful from this menu. The supply drop can help you get fast vehicles or more ammo for your favorite weapon. Hence, you’ll get the opportunity to move around the map quickly or prepare yourself before a fight.

● Prepare Your Loadouts: Gather all of your “special abilities” and equip them with purpose. Therefore, you’ll have ways to defend yourself when you’re in a battle. On other occasions, you could change into those gadgets that interact with the environment. Lastly, you could have one loadout that gives you more options to have some fun.

● Move from Cover to Cover: After a couple of minutes, you’ll realize that your main character doesn’t have a health bar. Instead, the screen will turn grey, and Rico will start complaining when he’s hurt. In Just Cause 4, to regain your health, you’ll need to move away from any damage source and let him recuperate for a while. Hence, it is recommendable that you look for hiding places if things turn sour.

● Exploit the Environment: Always check for combustible deposits that might “accidentally” appear near any soldier. This time, you can either shoot it or attach the container to an enemy and watch how they interact. Furthermore, you could use the grappling hook to reach for rooftops and have the higher ground.

● Look for More Activities: There’s no need to stay within the same task when playing Just Cause 4. Additionally, some side quests will give you powerful rewards that could make everything less tedious.

Now that you know how Just Cause 4 works, go out and create chaos. Remember that you have an Open World game in your hands, and you can always choose what to do next!  


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