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Jewel Burst

Jewel Burst
Jewel Burst



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    August 31, 2020

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    pawika kuna




Jewel Burst is a simple but action-packed game that can entertain all. You will find this match-3 game super fun and exciting. You will love this game since it has excellent visual effects and does not require any expertise to become a winner. The objective is to collect matching gems while exploring all the actions, challenges, and excitement. You will have to match gems and try to get stars on every level. Since it is a classical match 3 game, everyone can play this game and combine the gems. The theme is space that appears with a battlefield. You need to go through the battlefield and match gems. You do not think the space battlefield will be easy to navigate and not pose challenges. Many get this feeling and believe they can match three jewels in every level and become winners. However, there will be many challenges in the game, and if you lose your attention, you will lose the game. Hence, do not think that you can win without any effort. 

Check the battlefield and identify all the obstacles. You can see planets, asteroids, and many other things, and all these will appear in its background. There will be many levels, and each will be different, and you might need to spend hours to reach the destination. But you do not need to worry since you can play for free, and you will find all the levels action-filled and entertaining. Keep going and explore more to have unlimited fun. Even if you do not see the destination, keep trying. The game will test your patience, and you are there to win it. The game will have 200 levels, and you can prepare yourself to complete all these, if possible, at once. You can also leave it in the middle and start again from where you left it. But you will have long-lasting fun, and you can make it more exciting by getting three stars on every level.

The gaming process will be simple since you can match 4, 5, or 6 in a column or row to complete a level. Once you match gems, they will not be in the game anymore. Additionally, you can get some scores after eliminating them. You will receive a booster when you match five or more gems. Boosters will make you more powerful, and you can use them to remove more blocks. Moreover, you can collect long-shaped jewels and combine them to make an L or T letter. It will enable you to get boosters. There will be different types of boosters in the game. You can have one piece of dynamite as a booster, but it is a low-grade boom. You can also collect many dynamites and make a bigger boom. There is a color matcher booster that you can get when the color of two or more items matches. Another booster is row+column eliminator, and it will work solely without any companion. Every booster will have specific requirements and purposes, and you can collect them to play better and dominate the game.

Boosters will make the Jewel Burst game easy, and you can have them while progressing further. The game will have a lot of fun and action, but you can play intelligently to make it more entertaining. Enjoy all the game actions and face challenges confidently. With practice, you will find Jewel Burst more exciting.

How to play

Now you know what the game is and what you can do to make it easy for you. As mentioned earlier, it is a match-3 game, and you need to understand the game before going ahead. Yes, you will have to create a combination of three identical gems, and you can make more if possible. By creating combinations, you can break glass tiles. If a jewel on the top of a tile pops, it will break the tile. Once it pops, the tile will vanish in no time. There will be 200 levels in the game, and each will have a limited time. Hence, you will have to use the given time wisely to break all the glass tiles. You can make a combination of four or more gems to get different boosters, and game boosters can support your adventure.

While playing, you need to select and drag two gems to swap places. You need to exchange two adjacent gems on every level. Every swap should result in a combination to get positive results. Once you start playing, first check the surroundings and glass tiles. Choose the jewels and try to achieve three stars on every level. Know the time limit and try to complete each level within the given time. Many players think since the game has two hundred levels, they will have to play for hours to cover all of them. Yes, that is true, but you can leave the game whenever you want and start again from that level next time while playing. Also, the game features a burst mode to enable you to get a bomb if you eliminate several gems in one go. Once you have a bomb, you can reduce a large part and progress confidently.

Are you ready to go ahead? Do you want more tips? If yes, here are a few.

Get the Combination

In the Jewel Burst game, you will have to make a combination of three or more identical gems, and you can do this by swapping adjacent gems.

Earn Boosters

Boosters can make you more powerful, and you can earn different types of the Jewel Burst boosters to play well. Know how to get and use them to make the game setting favorable for you.

Collect Stars

You can collect stars if you complete the levels within the given timeframe. Play fast and try to get all the stars.

Leave When Exhausted

The game will have 200 levels, and it might take hours. Hence, you can leave it in the middle and start again whenever you want.

Jewel Burst can entertain all types of players. You can explore this game and share your experience. Enable others to understand the game and develop successful strategies to make navigation easy. 


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