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Summoners War

Summoners War
Summoners War



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    August 29, 2021

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    Com2uS Corp.

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  • Latest Version:


  • Updated Time:

    August 29, 2021

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  • Developer:

    Com2uS Corp.




Summoners War" is a mobile game that has taken the world by storm, captivating millions of players with its immersive blend of role-playing, strategy, and collection elements. Developed by Com2uS, this epic mobile game whisks players away into a fantastical realm where they become summoners with the power to call forth and command a diverse array of mythical creatures.

"Summoners War" is a unique fusion of genres, primarily falling into the category of a turn-based strategy role-playing game (RPG). Players assume the role of summoners and embark on a grand adventure to explore a vibrant and diverse world teeming with magical creatures and formidable foes.

Summoning and Collecting: At the heart of the game is the ability to summon an extensive collection of creatures known as monsters. These monsters vary in rarity, elemental affinities, and abilities. Players can summon monsters through mystical scrolls, crystals, or by participating in in-game events.

Tactical Battles: "Summoners War" features strategic turn-based battles where players assemble a team of monsters with complementary skills. The choice of monsters, their runes, and battle tactics are crucial for success in battles against both AI-controlled enemies and real players in the Arena.

Exploration and Story: Players can explore various regions, each with its unique storyline, challenges, and dungeons. The game's immersive narrative unfolds as you progress, revealing secrets of the world and its inhabitants.

Runes and Customization: Runes play a pivotal role in enhancing your monsters' abilities. Placing runes on monsters strategically can give them an edge in battles. The game encourages experimentation and customization to optimize your monster lineup.

Player vs. Player (PvP) Competition: "Summoners War" offers a competitive arena where players can pit their teams against each other in real-time PvP battles. Climbing the ranks and achieving glory in the Arena is a significant aspect of the game.

Guilds and Social Interaction: Joining a guild allows players to collaborate with others, engage in cooperative guild battles, and participate in events that encourage teamwork. Social interaction is a key component of the "Summoners War" experience.

Events and Challenges: The game frequently hosts special events and challenges, offering players the opportunity to earn rare rewards and test their strategies in unique scenarios.

RPG Enthusiasts: If you enjoy immersive role-playing experiences, "Summoners War" offers an engaging storyline and character progression that will keep you hooked.

Strategy Gamers: The game's strategic battles and rune customization add depth and complexity, making it a perfect fit for players who relish tactical challenges.

Collectors: With a vast collection of monsters to summon and collect, "Summoners War" appeals to the collector's instinct in players who enjoy amassing a diverse and powerful monster lineup.

Competitive Players: PvP enthusiasts will find plenty of opportunities to test their skills and climb the ranks in the Arena and guild battles.

Mobile Gamers on the Go: "Summoners War" is designed for mobile devices, making it accessible for gamers looking for a rewarding experience while on the move.

"Summoners War" is a captivating and multifaceted mobile game that seamlessly blends role-playing, strategy, and collection elements. Its rich lore, diverse monsters, and strategic battles have earned it a dedicated fan base worldwide. Whether you're a fan of RPGs, a strategic thinker, or someone who enjoys the thrill of collecting and battling with mythical creatures, "Summoners War" offers an enchanting journey into a world filled with magic, strategy, and endless adventure. Embark on your summoning quest and discover the boundless possibilities that await you in this epic mobile RPG.

How to play

Summoners War" is a complex and engaging mobile game that combines role-playing elements with strategic combat and monster collection. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to play the game:

Summon Your Monsters: The game begins with a series of monster summons. You'll receive a few initial monsters to get started. These monsters belong to different elemental affinities (Fire, Water, Wind, Light, Dark), and each has its unique skills and abilities.

Explore the Map: The game world is divided into various regions, each with its storyline and dungeons to explore. Progress through the map, complete quests, and battle enemies to gain experience points (XP).

Build Your Team: As you progress, you'll acquire new monsters through summoning, gameplay, or special events. Create a balanced team by selecting monsters with different elemental attributes and abilities. Consider the type of enemies you'll face in upcoming battles.

Runes and Customization: Runes are essential for enhancing your monsters' abilities. Equip runes on your monsters to improve their stats, such as attack, defense, and speed. Each monster has specific rune slots, and matching runes with their primary stats can be advantageous.

Engage in Battles: "Summoners War" features turn-based battles where you control your team of monsters. Choose your strategy, target enemies strategically, and use your monsters' abilities wisely. Pay attention to elemental advantages and disadvantages, as some elements are stronger or weaker against others.

Level Up and Evolve: To make your monsters more powerful, level them up by earning XP in battles. You can also evolve monsters using specific materials. Evolved monsters have increased stats and improved skills.

Participate in Events: The game frequently hosts events, which are an excellent way to acquire rare monsters, runes, and other valuable rewards. Be sure to check the event calendar and participate whenever possible.

Join a Guild: Joining a guild allows you to collaborate with other players, participate in guild battles, and access exclusive content. Guilds are a great way to socialize and strategize with fellow summoners

Compete in PvP: "Summoners War" has a competitive aspect in the Arena, where you can battle against other players' teams in real-time. Climbing the Arena ranks earns you Glory Points and other rewards.

Complete Daily Missions: The game offers daily missions and objectives that provide rewards like crystals, experience boosters, and scrolls. Regularly completing these tasks can help you progress faster.

Summoning: Acquire new monsters through summoning. You can use scrolls, crystals, and other in-game resources to summon monsters. Some monsters are rare and can provide significant upgrades to your team.

Runes: Farm runes by participating in dungeons. Runes come in various qualities (1-star to 6-star) and grades (Common, Magic, Rare, Hero, Legendary). Equipping better runes on your monsters enhances their stats and capabilities.

Leveling Up: Earn XP by engaging in battles and completing quests. Leveling up increases your monsters' stats and unlocks new abilities. Evolving monsters further enhances their power.

Evolution: Evolve monsters by using specific materials acquired in the game. Evolved monsters have improved base stats and access to new abilities.

Awakening: Awakening is a transformation that makes monsters more powerful. You'll need specific awakening materials, which can be obtained from dungeons and missions.

Events: Participate in special events to earn rewards like crystals, scrolls, and experience boosters. These events often provide opportunities to acquire rare monsters.

Guild Content: Collaborate with your guild to access guild shops, which offer valuable items and monsters. Guild battles also provide rewards that can help you progress.

Daily Rewards: Log in daily to collect rewards. Daily login rewards often include crystals and scrolls, which can be used for summoning and upgrading monsters.

"Summoners War" offers a deep and rewarding gameplay experience, with multiple avenues for acquiring upgrades and enhancing your monster collection. By following these strategies and engaging in various aspects of the game, you can strengthen your team, tackle tougher challenges, and rise through the ranks of summoners in this thrilling mobile RPG.


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