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Warriors of the Universe Online

Warriors of the Universe Online
Warriors of the Universe Online



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    November 24, 2021

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    Gamer Mind




Play single player or online with friends or strangers in this anime fighting game. Fight anime characters from a variety of professions such as Dragon Warrior, Ninja Ninja, Shinigami and Superhero.

You can also create your own anime characters and transform in the custom character creation mode. Modify your character's appearance, skills, combos and more customization options.

Create battles for up to 8 characters with your team or play in other different game modes.

Enter Tower mode to fight different characters and defeat the final boss for a reward.

Survive in Invasion mode, fighting more enemies in each wave to improve your fighter's stats and earn rewards.

Unlock all the unique anime characters with different combinations, special abilities, transformations and superpowers.

Customize your character's unique special abilities such as Balloon, Energy Blast, Fire Ball, Chakra Shield, Fire Dragon Ball, Energy Balloon z, Super Ball, Energy Ball Dragon Shield, Explosive Bitterness, and more.

The main character of the game needs to form a large squad of heroes to fight in a variety of game locations. On top of the enemies, you need to use many combat abilities for the fighters. In multiplayer games, the main player of the game will monitor only one person or all other team members. The hero fights instinctively. Wars will be fought in single player mode and co-op mode where you will clash with your friends.

Test your skills in this game and become the strongest warrior in the universe!

How to play

The game play is simple and easy to learn. Use the arrows on the left side of the screen to move and the buttons on the right side to hit, block and charge your ki. by alternating the buttons you tap, you can create devastating combinations to kill your enemies with powerful blows.

This game has six modes to practice and fight against unique enemies. You can also test your skills in arcade mode or watch the impressive fighting choreography as a spectator. Every time you play the game in Warriors Universe, you'll earn gold that you can use in battles to unlock new heroes for your team or in new scenarios.

Warriors Universe is a unique game that captures all the intensity of shows like Dragon Ball and Saint Seiya in battle, making this game perfect for anyone who enjoys such shows.


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